Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Alcohol News - 19/2013

University of Toronto - Children of addicted parents more likely to be depressed as adults
Children of parents who were addicted to drugs or alcohol are more likely to be depressed in adulthood, according to a new study by University of Toronto researchers.
Reuters (USA) - Ask adult patients about alcohol misuse: panel
Primary care doctors should ask adults how much and how often they drink alcohol and counsel those with risky and dangerous drinking habits, a government-backed panel said today.
Reuters (Turkey) - Turkey considers tighter limits on alcohol sale and consumption
The Turkish government has prepared a draft law that would ban advertising alcoholic drinks in what officials say is an effort to protect children but could further divide religious and secularist Turks.
YLE News (Finland) - Huge costs caused by alcohol abuse
The direct costs for managing alcohol-related problems in Finland are estimated annually to be 1.3 billion euros, according to the National Institute for Health and Welfare THL.
Copenhagen Post (Denmark) - Traffic safety commission wants drink driving limit lowered
The traffic safety commission, Færdselssikkerhedskommissionen, proposed on Monday to reduce the blood alcohol content drink driving levels from 0.05 to 0.02.
The Foriegner (Norway) - Norway Christian Democrats closed for supermarket wine opener
KrF leader Knut Arild Hareide finds it unlikely his Party will be sitting at a political table with non-socialist shop alcohol supporters.
The Local (Sweden) - Sweden won't ban boozing after accidents
Swedes suspected of crashing their cars while drunk can continue to claim they became inebriated after the accident occurs, a government inquiry has found, concluding there is no need to outlaw drinking after a causing a traffic accident.
Helsinki Times (Finland) - Deaths caused by alcohol plummet
THE number of Finns dying from alcohol-related causes has fallen over the past several years. In 2009, 2,065 people died from diseases related to alcohol and accidental alcohol poisoning. In 2011, the number was 1,889.
ERR News (Estonia) - Crime Briefs: Drunken Homicide, Drunken Window-Breaking Spree, Drunk Drivers
Alcohol still seems to be the root of all evil in Estonia, as the following three crime snippets illustrate.
Irish Independent (Ireland) - Majority of publicans want minimum alcohol pricing
More than 70pc of publicans want the government to introduce a minimum price for alcohol to help pubs hurt by competition from cheaper off-licences, according to a new survey.
Irish Independent (Ireland) - Still no warning labels on alcohol one year on
NO LABELS have yet been put on alcohol products sold in Ireland containing health warnings about drinking during pregnancy, despite the recommendations of a report a year ago.
Ynetnews (Israel) - Regulation passed prohibiting nighttime sale of alcohol
The Knesset’s Internal Affairs and Environment Committee approved two permanent orders to prevent drunkenness which replace temporary provisions that existed before.
Science Daily (New Zealand) - Would You ‘Like’ A Drink? Youth Drinking Cultures, Social Networking and Alcohol Marketing
Preventing alcohol abuse, especially among young people, has long been a focus of public-health campaigns. But despite the well-publicised social and medical consequences of drinking too much it's clear that for many, heavy drinking has become a normal part of life.
The Guardian (UK) - Minimum pricing for alcohol: the red-faced ranters have won
The absence of minimum pricing for alcohol in today's Queen's Speech is a chilling reminder of the influence big business still has on public health in the UK.
The Guardian (UK) - Queen's speech: alcohol and cigarettes curbs 'not abandoned'
The government has not abandoned measures aimed at curbing problem drinking and smoking despite their absence from the Queen's speech, the health secretary has insisted.
The Dominion Post (New Zealand) - Chance to tackle booze supply
Hospitality New Zealand chief executive Bruce Robertson, one of the longest standing representatives of the alcohol industry in New Zealand, once again attempts to convince us that all is well in New Zealand from an alcohol point of view. (Bulgaria) - Bulgaria Bans Sales of Alcohol on Election Day
The sale and serving of alcoholic beverages has been banned on Election Day in Bulgaria.
ABC Online (Australia) - A push to tackle alcohol-related violence in Sydney
Sydney's late-night emergency services workers have united to call for the closure of all of the pubs and clubs in Sydney at 3am. (UK) - Alcohol abuse: Concern over middle-aged middle classes using booze to relieve stress
The middle classes are a 'ticking time bomb' of alcohol abuse, new research warned today. Academics say professionals are risking serious health problems by using booze to relieve stress.
The New South Wales Government says it is considering banning supermarket giants Woolworths and Coles from promoting alcohol on grocery store receipts.
Daily Mail (UK) - Under-18s should be banned from having ANY alcohol: Warning that attempts to introduce children to drinking risks turning them into an alcoholic in later life
Parents who give their children small amounts of alcohol in the belief they are instilling a sensible attitude to drinking may unwittingly be giving them a taste for booze, a psychologist has warned. Aric Sigman said adults needed to realise that alcohol was more damaging to the young brain and body. - Teens with Social Anxiety Engage in Earlier Alcohol, Marijuana Use
Among teens with substance use disorders, those who also have social anxiety disorder begin using marijuana at a mean age of 10.6 years — an average of 2.2 years earlier than teens without anxiety, according to a study conducted at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine.
VOA Khmer (Cambodia) - Healthcare Workers Want Less Ads for Alcohol and Less Traffic Accidents
A rise in traffic accidents could be blamed on an increase in alcohol advertising, some health workers fear.
Herald Scotland (Scotland/EU) - EU commissioner backs minimum pricing 'in principle'
Europe's Health Commissioner has given his strongest backing yet to Scotland’s battle to impose minimum unit pricing on alcohol.

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