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Alcohol News - 18/2013

Medical Daily (EU) - EU Report Warns Parents Against Giving Children Alcohol
A report commissioned by the EU cites research showing the long-term health effects of even moderate drinking among children.
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Göteborg Daily (Sweden) - University drinking culture criticised
Parties in elevators, bathrooms and computer rooms. Local newspaper Göteborgs-Posten published a long reportage on the weekend about the drinking culture at Chalmers University in Gothenburg. However, the students themselves don’t think there is a problem.
Sverige Radio (Sweden) - Police boosting presence near Systembolaget
Police are boosting their presence around the country's state-run alcohol stores on Tuesday to stop minors from trying to get alcohol as Swedes prepare for Walpurgis night, reports Swedish Radio news.
Alcohol and Alcoholism (Estonia) - Acute Alcohol Intoxication Characteristics in Children
The level of consciousness is the leading sign in the clinical evaluation of children with AAI and correlates well with SAC. The severity of AAI judged by clinical assessment matched better with AAI severity stages determined by SAC than by BAC.
Telegraph.co.uk (UK) - MPs call for cheaper alcohol in Commons
Despite prices for alcohol being kept cheaper than a nearby Wetherspoons pub at the four Palace of Westminster bars, MPs have suggested prices should be linked to pubs outside of central London to make them cheaper.
EurActiv (Scotland) - Scotland wins court case on minimum pricing of alcohol
The Scottish high court ruled on Friday (3 May) that the government has the right to introduce a legally binding minimum price on alcohol, the first of its kind in the EU. The spirits industry says it will appeal the court ruling.
Perth Now (Australia) - Rising alcohol levels giving wine lovers a headache
DO those New World Cabernets and Zinfandels make your head spin? Fed up with having to stop drinking after just one glass? Plenty of wine lovers around the world will have noticed their favourite tipples are getting stronger, and many of them are unhappy about the hangovers that come with increased alcohol levels.
Irish Times (Ireland) - Statutory code planned for drink sales
The Government is to introduce a statutory code requiring shopowners to separate the sale of alcohol from other goods in their premises.
Bizcommunity.com (South Africa) - Call for a ban on all alcohol for drivers
The government plans to ban drivers from consuming alcohol - not a drop will be allowed. This drastic move would mean motorists can no longer enjoy a glass of wine or a can of beer before driving.
Daily News Egypt (Egypt) - Teetotal tourism
Last week, the Les Rois hotel in Hurghada opened to the sound of breaking glass as bottles of alcohol were smashed in celebration.
Herald Scotland - Why alcohol is the ugliest drug of all
Drugs come in all shapes, sizes, doses, containers and plastic zip-up bags, but I don’t think anyone would disagree that the ugliest of them all, as far as effects and consequences go, is, by far, alcohol.
Mirror.co.uk (UK) - Nearly a quarter of soldiers 'drinking dangerously high levels of alcohol'
Nearly a quarter of all soldiers are drinking dangerously high levels of alcohol, a report shows. And the heavy boozing in the ranks puts lives at risk and threatens the success of combat operations.
Casper Star-Tribune Online (USA) - Study: Alcohol tops tobacco, drug abuse in economic cost to Wyoming
UCSD Medical Center - Study Finds Women Who Drink Alcohol Before Pregnancy Less Likely To Take Multivitamins
Researchers from the University of California, San Diego Department of Pediatrics and Rady Children's Hospital-San Diego, a research affiliate of UC San Diego School of Medicine, have found a link between multivitamin use and alcohol consumption before pregnancy, uncovering a need for education about the importance of vitamin supplementation, particularly among women who drink alcohol during their childbearing years.
EurActiv (EU) - Eurocare strongly supports Court's judgment on Minimum Unit Pricing for alcohol in Scotland
The Court of Session, Scotland's supreme civil court, has ruled today in favour of the legality of the Scottish government's plans to introduce minimum pricing per unit of alcohol.

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