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FASD News - 39/2012

NEWS and ARTICLES (Finland) - Finland moves to commit pregnant addicts
Today pregnant alcohol and drug abusers can only be forced into treatment if they’re considered to be risking their own health. Under current law, risks to the fetus are not ample grounds for committing a woman to professional care against her will.
The Australian (Australia) - Under-reported FASD 'an invisible disability'
FOETAL alcohol syndrome disorder has been widely under-reported and a diagnostic tool is urgently needed, a West Australian parliamentary report into "the invisible disability" says.
The Mayerthorpe Freelance (Canada) - Programs help those who have FASD live daily lives without risktaking
Alberta's help for those who have the diverse brain injuries caused when mothers drink while pregnant - is starting to extend through daily life including courts, says Teresa O'Riordan.
Fox News (USA) - Task force: Screen all adults, pregnant women for alcohol misuse
Health providers should screen all adults and pregnant women for risky drinking habits, a government-backed expert panel said in new draft recommendations.
Delhi News Record - Education vital to stopping alcohol use during pregnancy
Despite an increasing societal awareness about the risks of alcohol use during pregnancy, local data suggests there is still a need for more public education on the issue.
Northland Independent Community (New Zealand) - Foetal alcohol syndrome a life sentence
A retired teacher in Kerikeri says that he sees too many pregnant women enjoying alcohol. For Sam McHarg, the future of these women's children is the issue. Foetal alcohol syndrome creates huge challenges in the lives of children, which many never overcome.
Scottish Daily Record (Scotland) - Mum's heavy drinking left me with foetal alcohol syndrome and learning difficulties
SCOTS DJ Peter Bowers reveals the challenges people with learning difficulties face when trying to settle down and find a parter in new BBC Scotland documentary, Seeking Someone Special.
Anniston Star (USA) - Fetal Argument: County DA to begin prosecution of mothers who use drugs during pregnancy
The decision to prosecute local women who give birth to babies in drug withdrawal started — perhaps unsurprisingly — with a pregnant woman.

Haldimand and Norfolk alcohol and pregnancy report 2012
Information in this report is presented from the Rapid Risk Factor Surveillance System (RRFSS). RRFSS is an ongoing telephone survey of adults 18 and over who live in private households.
Australian Indigenous Health Bulletin - Addressing fetal alcohol spectrum disorder in Australia
This report was produced by the National Indigenous Drug and Alcohol Committee as a position paper on fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD). The report contains an overview of FASD in Australia, including the health and social impacts of alcohol use during pregnancy.

The ASANTE Centre - FASD: Supporting Ages & Stages Conference
Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) has a profound impact on individuals, families and all aspects of society. This interior regional conference will explore ways to educate others about FASD, throughout all the stages of development, from infancy to adulthood.
Government of Alberta - FASD Learning Series 2012-13
FASDlive 2012 Power Point Presentations
FASDlive 2012: Expanding Our Vision is quickly approaching. Outlined below are the power points from the speakers we have received so far. We will continue to update the list as they come in to us.

Alcoholism - Further Development of a Neurobehavioral Profile of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders
The results of this study indicate that the neuropsychological effects of AE are clinically meaningful and can be used to accurately distinguish alcohol-affected children from both typically developing children and children with ADHD.
Medical News Today - Earliest Fetal Learning Can Be Damaged By Maternal Drinking During Pregnancy
While it has become clear that drinking during pregnancy can damage the fetal central nervous system, these outcomes can also be influenced by factors such as timing, type, amount, and duration of alcohol exposure.
Alcoholism - The Effects of Prenatal Alcohol Exposure and Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder on Psychopathology and Behavior
This study examined prevalence of psychiatric disorders and behavioral problems in children with and without prenatal alcohol exposure (AE) and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).
Alcoholism - Fetal Brain Function in Response to Maternal Alcohol Consumption: Early Evidence of Damage
Studies of the adverse neurobehavioral effects of maternal alcohol consumption on the fetus have been largely confined to the postnatal period, after exposure to alcohol has finished.

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