Monday, September 24, 2012

Alcohol News - 39/2012

YLE News (Finland) - Finland moves to commit pregnant addicts
Doctors may soon be able to force expectant substance abusers into treatment if a bill under review is written into law.
YLE Uutiset (Finland) - Finnish anti-drinking ad scares Americans sober
Alcoholic parents appear as monsters in a new Finnish anti-drinking campaign that captured the attention of the American news network CNN.
Huffington Post (USA) - Children Can Easily Buy Alcohol On eBay And Other Websites, Reports Show
The Internet can already seem like a dangerous place for a child. There are the persistent concerns of cyber bullies and sexual predators, as well as a child's potential exposure to inappropriate content like pornography.
IPPmedia (Africa) - Global meeting on alcohol policy formulation kicks off
The third international conference on alcohol policy formulation in the East Africa region begins in Arusha tomorrow. The two-day conference will attract 80 participants from the region as well as Malawi, Sweden and Norway, who have a wealth of knowledge to share on the impact of irresponsible drinking and the role of alcohol policy can play in reducing the negative impact of drinking. - Letting kids sip alcohol may not stave off binge drinking
Some parents allow their children to sip alcohol, thinking it will help them to resist peer pressure later — but that might not be the best approach, the authors of an American study say.
Sydney Morning Herald (Australia) - Social media condemned for alcohol marketing
AUSTRALIA'S peak medical body has censured the social media giant Facebook for allowing alcohol companies to target children.
ABC Online (Australia) - Committee calls for action on fetal alcohol disorder
Parliamentary committee in Western Australia says fetal alcohol spectrum may be more prevalent than Down's Syndrome-- but a lack of data means no-one really knows how prevalent it is. The committee has found that the incidence of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder in Aboriginal communities could be higher than 25-percent.
Guardian Express - Eight Weeks Abstinence from alcohol initiate healthier bones for alcoholics with Osteoporosis
To understand Osteoporosis and its effect on the body, breaking down the word (Osteoporosis) might be as good of a starting place as any.
BBC News (UK) - Alcohol and obesity cause liver disease death rise
Alcohol abuse and obesity are to blame for a big rise in liver disease in the North West, says a report.
RedOrbit - Symptoms Of Alcohol Abuse, Not Dependence, May Better Reflect Family Risk For Alcohol Use Disorders
Individuals with alcohol use disorders (AUDs) vary widely in their age of onset of use, patterns of drinking, and symptom profiles. AUDs are often ‘divided’ into two categories: alcohol abuse (AA) and alcohol dependence (AD), with AA perceived as a milder syndrome that might develop into AD over time.
Times of India (India) - Alcohol linked to aggression: Experts
Alcoholism has long been linked to aggression. City psychiatrists and NGOs peg the percentage of domestic violence in households where men are alcohol addicts at 75% and say it cuts across all sections of the society.
Malta Independent Online (Malta) - Campaign encourages alcohol-free pregnancy
An increase in binge drinking among young women has led the health authorities to launch a campaign urging women to avoid drinking during pregnancy.
Berwick Today (UK) - Minimum alcohol pricing considered in Northumberland
COUNTY residents have been told by supporters of a minimum price for alcohol that supermarkets would be hit hardest and local pubs would not be affected. - Light alcohol consumption may increase risk of certain cancers
The majority of observational studies have shown that alcohol intake, especially heavy drinking, increases a number of upper-aero-digestive tract (UADT) and other cancers, and even moderate drinking is associated with a slight increase in the risk of breast cancer. - Maternal Binge Drinking Slows Some Fetal Brain Functions
Fetuses exposed to heavy binge drinking required significantly more time to habituate, or adjust, to repeated stimulation in the womb and also showed greater variability in test performance, according to a new study.
Nyasa Times (Malawi) - Malawi NGOs call for alcohol policy adoption
Alcohol Policy Alliance, a grouping of some Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) has started mobilizing support to push for quick adoption of Alcohol Policy by Malawi Parliament.

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