Monday, September 12, 2011

Alcohol News - 37/2011

Euractiv (EU) - Combat alcohol abuse with mandatory labels, EU urged
Policymakers gathered in Brussels this week to discuss the risks posed by alcohol abuse to unborn children urged the EU to introduce mandatory warning labels on bottles and cans.
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YLE News (Finland) - Study: Reduced-alcohol beer would save 350 lives a year
Diluting beer could mitigate problems associated with alcohol use in Finland. Fresh research argues that alcohol consumption would clearly fall if grocery stores sold drinks diluted to 3.5 percent, as in Sweden.
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Netdoctor (Finland) - Alcohol 'an important cause of death' among people with type-1 diabetes
There has been a worrying rise in alcohol-related deaths among people with type-1 diabetes, new research shows. Researchers in Finland investigated deaths among 17,306 under-30s with type-1 diabetes between 1970 and 1999, all of whom were followed for around 21 years.
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MarketWatch (EU) - Changing European Drinking Habits Force Alcohol Producers to Diversify
Although the World Health Organization reports that European alcohol consumption remains the region with the heaviest drinking in the World, recent studies suggest that drinking is on the downturn in Europe.
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The Press Association (Scotland) - Back alcohol price plan, MSPs urged
A Conservative leadership contender who opposed the SNP's minimum alcohol pricing plan last year has said politicians should now respect the "clear view" of the public and back the policy.
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BBC News (UK) - 'E-course' to help hospital staff assist alcohol users
An online alcohol awareness course has been developed to help medical staff assist patients to choose healthier drinking behaviour.
Read more (Canada) - Big Island study on fetal alcohol, drug exposure
Nearly half of the children on the Big Island were exposed to intoxicating substances in the womb, according to a study of women over the past three years.
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Times of India - Out: Why office parties often leave you red-faced
People often embarrass themselves and behave badly at office parties. Now, scientists have come up with an explanation - drinking in unfamiliar environments make people lose control of their inhibitions.
Read more (New Zealand) - Alcohol contributes to quarter of child deaths – report
Alcohol contributed to the deaths of one in four children and young people who died between 2005 and 2007, a new report has found.
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EurekAlert - Role of alcohol intake and smoking on upper aerodigestive cancers
This paper provides an extensive analysis of the proportion of the risk of upper aero-digestive tract (UADT) cancers in the population (the population attributable risk) that may be due to alcohol consumption and/or smoking.
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French Tribune (South Africa) - Test for Alcohol Syndrome in Fetuses Launched
The first ever Commercial test for fetal alcohol syndrome has been launched in South Africa by the Trimega Laboratories. This test is going to be traded under the partnership with Tripelo, in order to form double bilateral system.
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Adelaide Now (Australia) - Service stations and convenience stores float alcohol sales proposal
OWNERS of service stations and 24-hour convenience stores have launched a bid to sell alcohol. The Australasian Association of Convenience Stores - which counts Smokemart, On the Run and BP franchise owner Peregrine Corp among its members - has asked the Productivity Commission to consider the proposal.
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BBC News (Ecuador) - Ecuador tackles bootleg alcohol after wave of deaths
Since mid-July, 50 people have died in Ecuador after drinking contaminated alcohol, according to the government.
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Financial Times (Russia) - Russia counts the cost of drinking
Employers in Russia are not known for compassion – unless they are dealing with drunkenness. A hangover is still seen in many offices and factories as an excuse for skipping work, turning up late or just being grumpy and unproductive. However, as the Kremlin steps up its campaign against alcoholism, experts are counting the economic cost of Russians’ excessive drinking habits.
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Independent Online (South Africa) - ‘Alcohol abuse costs SA’
Alcohol abuse costs South Africa's economy R9 billion a year, Deputy Trade and Industry Minister Elizabeth Thabethe said on Monday.
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GP online (Scotland) - BMA backs minimum pricing in Scotland to end 'scourge of alcohol abuse'
BMA Scotland has welcomed the Scottish government's pledge to reintroduce a Bill for minimum pricing of alcohol to help address the 'scourge of alcohol abuse' in the country.
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Wiki Peers (Sri Lanka) - Smoking and Alcohol Ads to Issue a Warning
Carlo Fonseka, the chief of National Authority on Tobacco and Alcohol in Sri Lanka, has stated that alcohol and tobacco are two of the biggest killers of the society. This has prompted a warning notice to be issued whenever an advertisement concerning these two products goes on air.
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The Guardian (UK) - The shocking facts about young people and alcohol abuse
We want to express our support for Dr Sarah Wollaston's private member's bill, calling for restrictions on alcohol advertising in cinemas, on television and online, as a means of reducing the number of children and young people harmed by alcohol.
Read more (Bulgaria) - Crackdown on Bulgaria Booze-Fests
Seems "alcohol tourism" has gotten a little out of control in the country due to British, German and Scandinavian tour companies promoting heavy drinking vacation packages. Cheap alcohol prices and lax regulations have made Eastern Europe, and especially Bulgaria, the current hot spot for stag (bachelor) parties from Western Europe.
Read more (Bulgaria) - Bulgarians Get Drunk Fast, Die Old – Study
Contrary to popular beliefs, the Bulgarians' alcohol tolerance is inferior to that of other nations, a study has apparently shown.
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Herald Scotland (Scotland) - Glasgow A&Es see 1300 child drink and drug cases
MORE than 1300 children were taken to hospital in Scotland’s biggest city over a three-year period as emergency cases because of drugs and alcohol.
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