Monday, September 5, 2011

Alcohol News - 36/2011

The Mail (UK) - Number of off-licences in an area linked to teen drinking hospital admissions, research reveals
A clear link between the number of off-licences in an area and teenagers ending up in hospital through drink has been established by researchers.
Financial Times (Scotland) - Scotland in push for minimum alcohol price
Scotland’s determination to introduce a minimum selling price for alcohol has set it on collision course with shopkeepers, distillers and brewers, as well as the European courts and Westminster, which could find itself obliged to defend a policy dismissed by the UK.
Times of India - Alcohol dulls brain into making mistakes
A new study says that alcohol dulls the brain signal warning people about mistakes, reducing their self control.
Sydney Morning Herald (Australia) - Wine tax reform plan to hit purse but help the body
TAXING wine in the same way as beer would cut overall alcohol consumption by 9 per cent, according to economic modelling to be presented today.
Nursing in Practice - Mental health link to alcohol problems
People diagnosed with mental health problems like depression, bipolar disorder and anxiety disorder are at much higher risk of developing a dependence on alcohol, according to an Australian study.
BBC News (Scotland) - Task force sets plan to blitz Glasgow's booze culture
Plain clothes police officers are to be deployed on Glasgow's transport network to cut alcohol-related disorder.
Independent Online (South Africa) - Alcohol adverts face being canned
Severe restrictions on alcohol advertising will be tabled before the cabinet within two months, Social Development Minister Bathabile Dlamini confirmed on Tuesday.
Nursing in Practice (UK) - New commissioning guide for alcohol services
The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) has today published a guide to help improve the identification and treatment of hazardous drinking, harmful drinking and alcohol dependence in children, young people and adults. The guide can help the NHS and local authorities to make best use of resources.
TNT Magazine - Children from divorced parents 'more likely' to become binge drinkers
A  "tough love" style of parenting, which combines discipline and warmth, has been found the most effective in ensuring children don't develop an unhealthy relationship with alcohol. - Drinks industry needs to tighten up on social media marketing, report
Stricter controls are needed for alcohol advertising on social media platforms in order to restrict children’s access to marketing intended for adults, according to UK charity agency Alcohol Concern.
Indian Country Today Media (USA) - Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Rate Higher Among American Indians
A mother rouses from sleep, cradles her newborn infant and yawns. She then gets up and carries the baby, all soft and not quite ready to wail for food, into the kitchen. She reaches for a bottle, but it isn’t a baby bottle. It’s glass. It has a screw-top. It’s 80 proof. The mother opens the bottle, smells it and takes a drink.
East Coast Radio (South Africa) - Alcohol abuse costs SA billions
To try and get locals to cut back on their drinking, South Africa's Trade and Industry Department has launched Sobriety Week in Pretoria today.
Ninemsn (Australia) - Older people 'most likely to drink daily'
Older Australians are the hidden statistics of those at risk of alcohol and drug addiction, a health group says. - Drink-driving risk for obesity surgery patients
Obese people who undergo weight-loss surgery become drunk more easily and may inadvertently find themselves over the limit, an academic has warned.
Tasmania Mercury (Tasmania) - Study targets teen drinkers
THE attitude of Tasmanian parents towards supplying their children with alcohol will be the focus of a new five-year study looking at links between early drinking and alcohol problems.
Irish Times (Ireland) - Born with a craving for alcohol
WOMEN IN Ireland who drink while pregnant are creating children three times more likely to crave alcohol, according to a leading specialist in the field.
New Zealand Herald (New Zealand) - Public split on cheap alcohol stuns expert
The public are almost evenly split on whether supermarkets should be able to offer wine at rock-bottom prices by selling at below cost, the latest Herald DigiPoll survey shows.
Ormskirk & Skelmersdale Advertiser (UK) - Ormskirk and Skelmersdale children alcohol abuse levels shock – report
SHOCKING rates of alcohol abuse by children in Ormskirk and Skelmersdale have been revealed by new research.
Belarus Digest (Belarus) - Cheap Booze for the People of Belarus
As the economic crisis deepens prices on nearly all products rise sharply in Belarus with one remarkable exception - alcohol.  These days a bottle of vodka in Belarusian restaurants often costs less than a packet of orange juice - US$3.
Austrian Independent (Austria) - Alcohol addiction warning issued
Around 900,000 of the 8.5 million residents of Austrian are consuming health-threatening amounts of alcohol, experts have warned.
Bloomberg (Hungary) - Hungary to Raise Taxes, Delay Spending for Budget, Orban Says
The tax increases will affect alcohol, tobacco and gambling, Orban said in a TV2 interview today. The measures will be approved Sept. 5 or 6 and will be announced Sept. 7, he said.
New York Times (Russia) - In Russia, Harsh Remedy for Addiction Gains Favor
The treatment center does not handcuff addicts to their beds anymore. But caged together on double-decker bunks with no way out, they have no choice but to endure the agonies of withdrawal, the first step in a harsh, coercive approach to drug treatment that has gained wide support in Russia. (Poland) - Bar opens on Polish trains
A communist-era law that prohibits the sale of alcohol on trains will no longer be in effect as of 1 September.

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