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Alcohol News - 13/2011

ABC News (Finland) - Parental Drinking Boosts Teen Alcohol Risks
Reporting in the February issue of the journal Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research, researchers analyzed data collected from 2,402 male and 2,329 female teens and their parents in Finland.
Talking Alcohol (Estonia) - Estonia: Alcohol-content cosmetics to be subjected to excise
Estonian authorities are considering imposing an alcohol excise tax on alcohol-containing cosmetic products. The ambiguous target to tax perfumed spirits and cosmetics is hard to reach while the tax is supported by health authorities.
U.S. News & World Report (USA) - Alcohol May Play Dual Role in Some Cases of Elder Abuse
Seniors who suffer elder abuse are more likely to be women, to have a neurological or mental disorder and to abuse drugs or alcohol, new research indicates.
AHN | All Headline News (USA) - Alcohol-sniffing anklets find increasing popularity
The devices keep tabs on hard core drunk drivers facing charges for a new offense. The alcohol-sniffing anklets, known as SCRAMx (Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor), are monitoring offenders 24/7 before trial to keep the high-risk group from drinking, as well as keeping the public safe.
TopNews New Zealand (New Zealand) - Green Party Appeals for Changes in Alcohol Reform Bill
A massive rise of 15% in the cases of alcohol or drug dependency has been notified by the Community Alcohol and Drug Service (CADS) in 2010 in Auckland, as per reports.
Sydney Morning Herald (Australia) - Navy chief demands end to booze culture
Navy chief Russ Crane has read the riot act to his sailors, threatening tough new measures unless the service changes its hard-drinking culture. (Scotland) - Lord Advocate warns of Scotland alcohol 'apocalypse'
Scotland is facing an “apocalypse” of alcohol-fuelled crime unless action is taken to tackle its binge-drinking culture, the country’s most senior law officer has warned.
BBC News (UK) - Calls to limit child exposure to alcohol ads
A bid to get the government to take a tougher stance on alcohol advertising in the UK has been given the backing of health experts.
Times of India - Male foetuses more vulnerable to alcohol
The effect of alcohol on the foetus of two women may not be the same. One woman who drinks alcohol during pregnancy may deliver a child with physical, behavioural or learning problems, while another woman who also drinks alcohol may give birth to a 'normal' child.
Sydney Morning Herald (Australia) - Calls for alcohol labelling to help stamp out drinking during pregnancy
THE high risk of foetal alcohol syndrome to the babies of drinking mothers has spurred a bipartisan group of federal MPs to call for the introduction of health warnings on liquor products.
Times of India (India) - Mumbai: Drown your sorrows in costlier alcohol
Imbibing alcohol in the city has never been easy on the Mumbaikar's wallet, and there will no forthcoming relief as the Maharashtra government has increased excise duty on all liquor, with the exception of wine.
Herald Scotland (Scotland) - Scotland could go it alone in cutting legal alcohol limit
PLANS to lower the legal drink-drive limit could go ahead in Scotland despite the UK Government yesterday rejecting any change to the law. The Scottish Government said it would take action at an “early opportunity” once the Scotland Bill is passed and responsibility for the issue is devolved.
BBC News (UK) - Alcohol misuse tackled in Liverpool
Alcohol misuse is being addressed by health bosses in Liverpool, who have unveiled a three-year strategy to tackle the problem.
Marketwire (Canada) - Research Shows Drug-impaired Driving is as Prevalent as Alcohol-impaired Driving and its Possible Link to Fatally Injured Drivers
The Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse (CCSA) today released two studies: Alcohol and Drug Use Among Drivers: British Columbia Roadside Survey 2010 and A Comparison of Drug and Alcohol-involved Motor Vehicle Driver Fatalities. These studies reveal that driving after drug use is a growing issue that is as prevalent as driving after alcohol use—and that drug-impairment may also be a contributing factor to collisions and fatal road crashes. (India) - Alcohol consumption in Delhi doubled during World Cup: Survey
Delhiites as young as sixteen years have taken to alcohol in a big way during the ongoing cricket World Cup, says a survey by a commerce chamber adding that the total liquor consumption has also doubled.
PR Newswire (USA) - MADD and Archie Comics Team Up to Prevent Underage Drinking
Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) and Archie Comics® have partnered to raise awareness about underage drinking in advance of MADD's first annual PowerTalk 21™ day on April 21 — the national day for parents to start talking with their kids about alcohol.
ABC Online (Australia) - Last drinks to be called early at pubs and clubs
The State Government wants hotels and clubs to have to close between four and seven am, with Consumer Affairs Minister Gail Gago saying this sends a clear message antisocial behaviour will not be tolerated.
New (Zimbabwe) - New Bill limits alcohol sale to 3 pints
A BILL is due before Zimbabwe’s parliament which will compel bar staff to serve a maximum of four beers to men, and just three beers to women.
BusinessWeek - Prenatal Alcohol Exposure Linked to Behavior Problems in Teens
Teens whose mothers drank alcohol regularly throughout the first trimester of pregnancy have a threefold increased risk of developing severe behavior problems, a new study warns.
The Moscow Times (Russia) - Tax on Vodka, Cigarettes to Feed Budget
The Finance Ministry has prepared a proposal to selectively raise taxes to add 1.9 trillion rubles ($66.9 billion) to the federal budget in 2012-14. A fourfold increase in the excise tax on alcohol by 2014 would have the greatest impact among the proposed increases. (Netherlands) - Young teenagers can still buy alcohol easily
Youngsters under the age of 16 can easily buy alcohol in shops and supermarkets, according to research by students at Twente University.

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