Monday, March 21, 2011

Alcohol News - 12/2011 (EU) - EU urged to put health warnings on beers and wines
A UK health expert has called for mandatory health warning information on alcohol drinks. Speaking in parliament on Thursday, Nick Sheron, however, cautioned against the "nasty, horrible" images on tobacco packaging.
Norway: Government has to accept alcohol advertising on TV
The EU Commission will not grant Norway a continued exemption from the implementation of the Audiovisual Media Services Directive. This means that the Norwegian government will have to accept TV advertising for alcoholic beverages in Norway when it is broadcast from another country.
BusinessWeek (Germany) - Drinking Behavior May Be Tied to Early Alcohol Use
Young adults are more likely to be heavy drinkers if they took their first drink of alcohol at an early age and also had to cope with stressful life events, a new study suggests.
Fox News - Heavy Drinking Linked to Increased Risk of Pancreatic Cancer
Smoking is one of the biggest risk factors when it comes to pancreatic cancer, and now it appears drinking is too.
New York Daily News - Hangovers only get worse as we get older, experts say; Processing alcohol gets tougher with age
While it may be hard to ignore the lure of St. Patrick's Day revelry, experts say you might want to think twice before hitting the Guinness like you might have in your younger years. Science shows that hangovers actually get worse with age, reported.
BusinessWeek - Rat Study Sheds Light on How Alcohol Affects Young Brain
Based on the results of a new study conducted with rats, researchers say that kids who drink alcohol may have trouble with decision-making in adulthood.
ABC Online (Australia) - Aussie women among worst for alcohol impact
Australian men and women like to drink but an international study has found that for Australian women, the social and personal consequences of drinking are among the worst in the world.
Sify - Parental monitoring 'decreases alcohol-related problems in young adults'
A new study suggests that those young adults whose parents monitor their social interactions may be less likely to display impulsive behavior traits and to have alcohol-related problems.
The Imperfect Parent - Teens from wealthy families more likely to drink
A recent UK study has shown that teens from wealthier families have a tendency to drink more alcohol than their peers from lower income families. The study was based on the responses of 5,837 thirteen year-olds who were involved in a long-term health study. For this part of the study, the teens’ families were divided into five different income brackets.
Independent (UK) - Government rules out lower drink-drive limit
Britain’s legal drink-drive limit will not be lowered, the Government said today, despite a recommendation by its own experts that it should be reduced.
Times LIVE (South Africa) - Poverty fuelling drug and alcohol abuse
The widespread poverty and unemployment in South Africa is fuelling drug and alcohol abuse, Congress of SA Trade Unions general secretary Zwelinzima Vavi says.
The Press Association (Scotland) - Government hits alcohol help target
A target to help address alcohol abuse has been reached ahead of schedule, according to the Scottish Government. (Australia) - Parents coud be fined under fresh booze law
VICTORIA will join New South Wales, Tasmania and Queensland by making it illegal for adults to give children alcohol in their homes without parental permission.
Lincoln Journal Star (USA) - Bill would end insanity defense in criminal cases involving drugs or alcohol
Lawmakers gave 40-2, first-round approval to his bill (LB100) Tuesday that would eliminate the criminal defense of "not responsible by reason of insanity" in situations in which a defendant was voluntarily intoxicated or high when a crime was committed.
BBC News (Wales) - Alcohol Concern Cymru in Welsh assembly drink laws call
Alcohol campaigners are calling for the Welsh Assembly Government to be given the powers to set minimum prices for drink.
NASDAQ (Peru) - Drugs And Alcohol Become Election Issues In Peru
With opponents breathing down his neck, presidential front- runner Alejandro Toledo has taken a blood test to show he is clean of any drug use, and says he has given up drinking hard liquor.
This is London (UK) - Government deal with alcohol industry under fire again
The controversial public health agreement between the Government and the food and drink industries has come under fresh attack from leading health organisations, leaving major retailers as its main backers.
Morning Advertiser (Scotland) - Diageo severs ties with Alcohol Focus Scotland group
Drinks giant Diageo has cut its ties with Scotland’s most prominent alcohol awareness charity after the group suggested alcohol policy should be similar to that on tobacco.
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