Monday, December 27, 2010

Alcohol News - 52/2010

Daily Mail (Finland) - The 'violent' gene: Genetic mutation found only in Finnish men that makes them fight
A genetic mutation that makes men impulsive and aggressive, especially when drunk, has been isolated in Finnish men. Research on violent criminals in Finland has uncovered a genetic variant of a brain receptor molecule that contributes that makes people more likely to be aggressive when they have been drinking.
Bloomberg (Denmark) - Alcoholics May Stop at One Drink With Help From Lundbeck Anti-Abuse Drug
The first pill designed to curb a person’s urge to have more than a few drinks at a sitting is undergoing tests in Europe, promising doctors and public-health authorities a new approach to fighting alcoholism. The drug, nalmefene from H. Lundbeck A/S in Valby, Denmark, blocks brain signals that make activities such as sex and drinking feel good. Should trials succeed, the medicine may win clearance in Europe as early as 2012, becoming the first new alcoholism treatment approved there in more than 15 years.
The Baltic Course (Lithuania) - Alcohol excise tax not to be cut in Lithuania
The Seimas in Lithuania has supported the presidential veto, refusing to reduce the excise duty on alcoholic beverages.
Los Angeles Times (USA) - Infant deaths from SIDS surges on New Year's Day, new study finds
Babies who die from SIDS are 33% more likely to die on New Year's Day than any other day of the year, a new study finds. Researchers say alcohol use the night before by parents or caretakers may play a role in SIDS deaths.
NPR - Parenting Style Plays Key Role In Teen Drinking
For teenagers, friends play a big role in the decision to take that first drink. And by the 12th grade, more than 65 percent of teens have at least experimented with alcohol. But what parents do during the high school years can also influence whether teens go on to binge drink or abuse alcohol.
MedPage Today - Alcohol Linked to Psoriasis in Women
Women who have more than two alcoholic drinks a week -- particularly nonlight beer -- appear to be at increased risk of developing psoriasis, a large prospective study found.
TIME - Even Small Amounts of Holiday Drinking Boost Cancer Risk
More evidence for the conventional wisdom of "everything in moderation": even a small increase in alcohol intake can up the risk of several different kinds of cancer, according to researchers at the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Texas, so revelers would be wise not to overindulge this holiday party season.
Daily Nation (Kenya) - Festive season with a difference as new alcohol control law keeps Kenyans sober
It is Christmas once again and, for the first time in Kenya, the father of the house might just be sober, thanks to the new alcohol law. For the first time ever, bars were not allowed to open all night on Christmas Eve. They will also remain closed until 2 pm on Christmas day.
YLE News (Finland) - Finns Willing to Pay More Tax on Alcohol and Tobacco
Finns appear willing to favour increases in taxation on alcohol, tobacco, confectionery and capital gains in order to balance public finances, a survey commissioned by YLE indicates. However, there is little enthusiasm for higher income or energy taxes, the survey carried out by pollster Taloustutkimus reveals.
Voxy (New Zealand) - Kiwis Challenged To Give Up Alcohol In February
We're heading into the silly season, a time when Kiwis drink a lot more than usual. But a new campaign hosted by the Drug Foundation will provide New Zealanders with a much needed opportunity to give their bodies a break in February. (EU) - Europe urged to address excessive drinking
Researchers in Athens for a meeting hosted by the European Association warned Europe has the highest rate of alcohol consumption in the world and 1-in-15 adults suffers serious health conditions as a result.
Economic Times (India) - Delhi to be first city with 2D bar-coding on liquor bottles
In a move to check sale of spurious liquor and bootlegging, all alcohol bottles sold in the city will soon have two-dimensional modern bar coding with Delhi government today deciding to rope in Tata Consultancy Service for the purpose.
AngolaPress (Angola) - Archbishop urges abstinence from exaggerated consumption of alcohol
The archbishop of Lubango, Gabriel Mbiligui, urged Tuesday in this city the population to abstain from exaggerated consumption of alcohol during Christmas and new year.

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