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Alcohol News - 51/2010

Views and News from Norway (Norway) - Drunk and disorderly
As Norwegians head into the last weekend before Christmas, the holiday party season known as julebordsesong will hit its climax. It won’t be unusual to see drunken Norwegians staggering along Karl Johans Gate in Oslo, or along Bryggen in Bergen. Sleeping city residents can often be rudely awakened at 4:30am by drunks yelling on the sidewalk outside, even in this winter’s bitterly cold temperatures.
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Statistics Finland (Finland) – Causes of death 2009
The number of alcohol-related deaths has almost doubled in twenty years. The biggest growth was seen half-way into the first decade of the 2000s when the alcohol tax was lowered. In the past few years, the number of alcohol-related deaths has remained almost unchanged and even fallen somewhat.
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The subject of my presentation is “Much more than Prohibition,” because the paper I presented at the conference emphasized the extensive similarities that existed between the two nation’s alcohol policies during the 1920s. Much of the scientific temperance literature used in advocating for Prohibition in Finland originated from American temperance groups.
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European Addiction Research (Sweden) - Alcohol Habits in Sweden during 1997–2009 with Particular Focus on 2005 and 2009, Assessed with the AUDIT: A Repeated Cross-Sectional Study
Earlier increases in drinking levels between 1997 and 2001 may reflect a latent high demand that was restricted by low availability. When availability due to European Union harmonization increased, alcohol consumption followed suit. After a period of adaptation, alcohol consumption appears to have stabilized.
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BMJ (Denmark) - Testing the validity of the Danish urban myth that alcohol can be absorbed through feet: open labelled self experimental study
Our results suggest that feet are impenetrable to the alcohol component of vodka. We therefore conclude that the Danish urban myth of being able to get drunk by submerging feet in alcoholic beverages is just that; a myth. The implications of the study are many though.
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Boston Herald (USA) - Mass. alcohol poisoning deaths soar in past decade
Alcohol poisoning deaths are soaring in Massachusetts, and state health officials are pointing to a number of potential causes — from binge drinking to the sales tax exemption given to alcohol sold in stores.
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BusinessWeek - AA May Help Stem Alcohol Abuse in Female Convicts
Attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings at least once a week increases the likelihood that jailed women and those recently released from jail can recover from alcohol abuse, researchers have found.
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Pediatric SuperSite - Caregiver alcohol consumption increased risk for SIDS
Alcohol consumption by parents appeared to be a risk for sudden infant death syndrome, according to researchers from the University of California, San Diego.
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Medscape - Moderate Alcohol Intake May Raise Risk for Amphetamine Abuse
Research published today provides more evidence that drinking moderate amounts of alcohol may increase an individual's vulnerability to amphetamine abuse.
Read more (USA) - Over the Limit: Underage Kids See More Alcohol Ads
A new study claims a rise in TV alcohol advertising to underage young viewers -- and that the distilled spirits industry has breached its self-imposed limits.
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Los Angeles Times (New Zealand) - New Zealand reconsiders laws liberalizing sale of alcoholic drinks
The brightly colored poster for the annual fundraiser at an elementary school in this quaint town tucked into Tasman Bay advertised face painting, a bouncy castle — and a fully licensed bar.
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Times LIVE (South Africa) - New law might ban Alcohol adverts
New legislation might ban alcohol brands from advertising, place a moratorium on new liquor licenses and make any drinking before driving illegal, Beeld reported on Thursday.
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BBC News (UK) - High income households among biggest alcohol drinkers
Top earners are more likely to drink alcohol frequently than adults in poorer households, a survey says. The Health Survey for England 2009 found that 29% of men and 17% of women in the highest-earning group consumed alcohol on five or more days a week.
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Montreal Gazette (Canada) - Make booze cheap for homeless, costly for everyone else: Study
Rock-bottom liquor prices should be raised to limit excess drinking among young people and heavy drinkers, but liquor should be given free to homeless drunks to manage their consumption, a new University of Victoria study says.
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PR Newswire (USA) - Fed Delays on Alcohol Labeling Stymieing National Policies on Alcohol and Obesity
The National Consumers League (NCL) has once again called on the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) to issue a final rule to improve alcohol beverage labeling.
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Vancouver Sun (Canada) - Walking while intoxicated can be a high-risk activity
Heading into the two deadliest days of the year for pedestrians, experts say dangers of 'drinking and walking' should be taken seriously.
Read more - Liquor store density linked to domestic violence
Opening more neighborhood pubs and liquor stores could lead to more violence in local residents' homes, hints a new Australian study.
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Internal Medicine News Digital Network - Changes in Cigarette Prices Affect Alcohol Consumption
Raising cigarette taxes has the unwanted effect of increasing alcohol consumption, including binge and heavy drinking.
Read more - Individuals who are victimized -- especially in childhood -- likely to abuse alcohol and other drugs
A new study finds strong associations between victims' experiences -- such as unwanted sexual activity, neglect and physical violence -- and substance use disorders.
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BBC News (UK) - Debate called for on alcohol ban on public transport
Rail and bus operators have been urged to consider an alcohol ban by a drinks awareness charity. Alcohol Concern said the majority of assaults on the staff of one train company in Wales were alcohol-related.
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PR Newswire - Preconceived Notions About Alcohol Lead to Trouble for Students Traveling Abroad, LMU Study Finds
American college students participate in study abroad programs to expand their horizons and experience life among different cultures. But their attitudes toward alcohol use in other countries can create negative consequences, a Loyola Marymount University study has found.
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Online News Website (EU) - Excessive Alcohol Consumption Growing Problem in Europe
Europe is dealing with the problem of excessive alcohol consumption and the life-threatening effects it is having on it’s citizens.
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NW Evening Mail (UK) - ‘Bigger killers than banned narcotics’
A LEADING Cumbrian drugs expert says alcohol and tobacco are bigger killers than any banned narcotic.
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Eurasia Review (Russia) - Russia: Binge Drinking and Sudden Death
Alcohol is a major cause of unnecessary death among Russian men. That fact is unlikely to surprise even the most casual observer of Russia. But after crunching several years’ worth of data, a leading researcher expressed a sense of surprise over the extent of reckless drinking in Russia and its impact on heart disease.
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