Monday, August 30, 2010

Alcohol News - 35/2010

Times of India (UK) - Drink, obesity behind liver deaths
Binge drinking and obesity are contributing to a steep rise in deaths from liver disease. The number of deaths from damaged, diseased and worn-out livers has gone up by 60 per cent in just a decade in Britain.

MedPage Today - Alcohol's Breast Cancer Risk Traced to Subtypes
Women who averaged one alcoholic drink a day had almost double the risk of hormone-sensitive breast cancer of nondrinkers, data from the Women's Health Initiative (WHI) showed.

Herald Sun (Australia) - Alcohol bingeing in teens spurs call to increase legal drinking age
HEALTH experts concerned about alcohol bingeing want the legal drinking age raised from 18 to 21. Psychologist Dr Michael Carr-Gregg said the latest research showed one in 20 older teenagers was downing an average of 50 standard drinks a month.

Washington Post (USA) - Virginia ponders losing ABC stores; studies conflict on privatizing liquor sales
As Gov. Robert F. McDonnell pushes a proposal to privatize state-owned liquor stores, he has reassured the public that problems associated with drinking would be unlikely to worsen if the state government relinquished control over distilled spirits. (UK) - David Cameron to call time on strict alcohol laws – Exclusive
The ban on all-you-can-drink deals and other irresponsible booze promotions could be revoked by the ConDems. Laws forcing pubs to check the ID of anyone who looks under age would also be axed under the proposals.

MarketWatch - Developing markets boost alcohol giant Diageo
Robust growth in key developing markets helped offset weakness in North America and Europe and a big jump in marketing expenditures to push Diageo PLC's fiscal-year profit slightly higher, the British beverage alcohol behemoth said Thursday.

RIA Novosti (Russia) - Officials call for prosecution of retailers selling alcohol to children
Retailers caught selling alcohol to minors should face criminal prosecution, Moscow's Deputy Head of Consumer Market and Services Vladimir Slepak said on Monday.

The Guardian (UK) - Super-strength alcohol 'is killing more homeless people than crack or heroin'
Charities urge ministers to save lives by bringing in punitive pricing to save a generation of 'young olds' who are pressing the fast-forward button to self-destruction.

Solomon Star - Alcohol-related harm, a global issue
The Ministry of Health and Medical Services and the South Pacific Community(SPC) are taking the lead in organizing a historical two days workshop on the 25th and 26th this week at the Quality Inn. The Workshop was first of its kind in the country to develop a Multi-Sect oral National Alcohol Policy for our country Solomon Islands.

eGov monitor (Scotland) - Government Of Scotland: Hidden Harm Of Alcohol Misuse
The hidden harm caused by parental alcohol misuse was highlighted today by a group of Dundee youngsters who shared their experiences with Scotland's Commissioner for Children and Young People Tam Baillie and Public Health Minister Shona Robison.

BuaNews Online (South Africa) - Law to close drinking spots earlier welcomed
An anti-alcohol abuse lobby group has welcomed reported plans in legislation to deal "harshly" with alcohol abuse by teenagers in Gauteng.

New Zealand Herald (New Zealand) - Supermarkets are drug pushers, says lobbyist
Supermarkets are drug "pushers" who are selling high quantities of discounted wine and should be viewed the same as dealers dishing out Ecstasy pills or morphine. (UK) - Tax on alcohol should rise by ten per cent: charity
Tax on alcohol should rise by ten per cent to reduce deaths, fund treatment and discourage the production of extra strong beer, Alcohol Concern has said.

7thSpace Interactive - Alcohol dependence (AD) has negative effects on cognitive processes such as memory
Alcohol dependence (AD) has negative effects on cognitive processes such as memory. Metamemory refers to the subjective knowledge that people have of their own cognitive processing abilities, such as their monitoring and control of memory. A new study has found that AD has a negative impact on both episodic memory as well as metamemory.

Philadelphia Bulletin (UK) - UK’s Hard-Drinking Subculture More Likely To Abort
But now an extensive new study has shown that the so-called “ladette” subculture’s combination of socially accepted heavy weekend drinking and uninhibited sex has resulted in previously unthinkable levels of unplanned pregnancies and abortion.

Private MD - Alcohol-related liver problems result in poor outcomes
As cases of obesity rise in the U.S., so too have cases of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. While this illness has garnered significant attention in recent years, a new study has found that it is still not as damaging as liver disease caused by excessive alcohol consumption, which underscores the need for liver testing for heavy drinkers.$19931893.php

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