Monday, August 9, 2010

Alcohol News - 32/2010

USA Today (USA) - Report: Alcohol, drug use lower among Hispanic-Americans
Hispanic-American adults have lower rates of alcohol and illicit drug use than the national averages, a federal government study has found.

Wales Online (Wales) - Parents must take lead in educating children about alcohol
Wales’ chief medical officer Dr Tony Jewell explains why it’s important parents talk to their children about alcohol.

Brandweek Magazine - Social Media Is Murky Area For Marketers of Alcohol
“Get drunk” reads a comment from a man named Jeffrey Dale Hoover Sr. on Coors Light’s Facebook page. The dictate, needless to say, is not the sort of thing that an alcohol brand would want to promote, even though Hoover’s decree was entered on July 31 and, as of last week, was still on the site. Meanwhile, on Bud Light Lime’s page, a fan named Jim Lenz confesses, “I have a problem having just one.”

BBC News (Wales) - Shock at drug and alcohol abuse by under-12s
More than 120 children under the age of 12 in Wales were referred for specialist help for drug and alcohol problems, figures reveal.

Daily Mail (UK) - Revealed: the astonishing amount one fifth of British 15-year-olds drink... in a year
As Britain's schoolchildren enjoy the freedom of the long summer break, an alarming new government report has revealed just how much alcohol they are drinking.

The Guardian (UK) - Raise liquor prices by 150% to beat binge-drinking, says Alcohol Concern
The binge-drinking epidemic can be curbed only if the price of certain types of alcohol rises by more than 150%, according to one of the UK's leading authorities on tackling the problem.

San Francisco Chronicle (USA) - S.F. considers fee on alcoholic beverages
Adding a new fee to alcohol sold in San Francisco would generate an estimated $16.3 million a year to help cover city-funded public health and paramedic costs associated with alcohol abuse.

Coventry Telegraph (UK) - Coventry experts push for minimum price on alcohol
COVENTRY experts believe putting a minimum price on alcohol could help win the city’s battle with the bottle.

Daily Mail (Brazil) - Brazil planning sober samba party with alcohol set to be banned for 2014 World Cup
Brazil 2014 is set to be the first alcohol-free World Cup after organisers confirmed sales will be banned at games under anti-hooligan laws.

eGovMonitor (Scotland) - Government Of Scotland Conducts Alcohol Summit
A cross-party meeting addressing ways of tackling Scotland's unhealthy relationship with alcohol was held today.

The Lancet - Alcohol: the forgotten drug in HIV/AIDS
Alcohol has long been recognised as an important contributor to illness and injury, accounting for 4% of the global burden of disease. Yet alcohol remains conspicuously absent from the larger field of research and programming in HIV and substance use.

The Huffington Post (USA) - Alcohol: The Savior of American Capitalism
How is it possible that the most brilliant economic system on earth is still serving alcohol as the best delivery system for getting drunk in 2010? 2010! The number used to be synonymous with a decade after a computer would try to kill human beings. 2010 does not look like the dazzling future we hoped the new millennium would produce.

New Zealand Herald (New Zealand) - Queenstown crime almost all drunken
Queenstown is in a league of its own when it comes to drunken crime, says a police chief. Crime in the resort town was "almost exclusively" alcohol related, Senior Sergeant John Fookes said.

NTDTV (Israel) - “Parents Patrol” Assists Drunken Youth In Israel
According to research by the Israel Anti-Drugs Authority, there's an increase in alcohol consumption among teenagers in Israel. The Parents Patrol, made up of volunteer parents, was set up 4 years ago to try to combat this rising problem.

USA Today - 'Social drinking': Friends' alcohol influence may be in your genes
Genetics may determine to what extent you're swayed by the alcohol consumption of people around you, new research suggests.

Centre Daily Times - U.S. alcohol report debunks myths on drinking in Europe
A common misperception in American culture is that our young people drink more frequently and have more alcohol-related problems than those in Europe.

The Guardian (Italy) - Italy fears a boozy invasion of its exclusive beaches
The mayors of some of Italy's most elegant resorts have expressed outrage at a new regulation introduced by Silvio Berlusconi's government that allows beachfront premises to stage drink-and-dance parties seven days a week.

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