Monday, December 15, 2008

Alcohol News - week 50/2008

EurekAlert - Alcohol and licensing policy could be changing the habits of young drinkers

In a new report published online today in the January issue of Addiction, researchers question whether current licensing policies have contributed to a rise in the phenomenon of "pre-drinking" amongst young people.

TVNZ (New Zealand) - Alcohol major cause of drug rehab admissions

Alcohol has again topped harder drugs like ice and heroin as the addiction which drives the most Australians into crisis rehab.

Washington Post Blogs (USA) - Renewed Call for Alcohol Labeling

A group of public health advocacy groups has seized the occasion of the advent of a new presidential administration to renew its five-year-old quest to persuade the federal government to require producers of alcoholic beverages to add informative labels to bottles.

CNN International (USA) - Bush opens up on struggle with alcohol abuse

President Bush reflected on his own struggle with alcohol in a White House meeting Thursday that touted gains in the war on drug abuse. - Faulty gene causes some people to become aggressive drunks

Alcohol appears to trigger violent behaviour in people who have a particular overactive gene.

African Press Agency (Sudan) - Sudan gets £25 million ‘beer brewing’ investment

SAB Miller, one of the largest brewers in the world, has announced a £25 million beer plant investment in Muslim-dominated Sudan. (India) - Govt is back to check surrogate advertisements of alcohol

To counter the growing demand for alcohol in the country, the Centre will consider restricting surrogate advertisements in television and other forms of media including print and outdoor space.

Times Online - Smart kids are more likely to be heavy drinkers

Research has now shown a link between high childhood IQ and an adult enthusiasm for alcohol that leads in some cases to problem drinking.

Daily Nation (Kenya) - Treasury spoils the party with new alcohol taxes

Alcoholic beverage makers were last week frantically lobbying to reverse new tax measures they say will result in an increase in prices and possible loss of jobs.

Portalino (Macedonia) - Macedonia restricts alcohol sales

Under new regulations, only licenced stores can sell alcohol products over the counter, and hours are limited.

Science Daily - Genetics: Why Some Drinkers Feel Effects Of Alcohol Strongly, And Why Some Are Prone To Alcohol Abuse

Researchers at the UCSF Ernest Gallo Clinic and Research Center have identified a region on the human genome that appears to determine how strongly drinkers feel the effects of alcohol and thus how prone they are to alcohol abuse.

Korea Times (South Korea) - Advice for Healthy Year-End Drinking

Irresponsible drinking of alcohol leads to serious health problems. Dr. Lee Jung-kwon of Samsung Medical Center warns that drinking too much alcohol not only harms the liver, but also the brain and other organs.

Times Online (UK) - Drinks industry says no to link with drugs plan

AN Irish government plan to include alcohol in its national drugs strategy is being opposed by the drinks industry.

Ansa news in English (Italy) - Italy mulls drunk- driving rethink

A spate of recent drunk-driving accidents which has inflamed public opinion is prompting the government to consider plans that would effectively ban anyone who has drunk alcohol from driving.

Helsinki Times (Finland) - Finnish parliament passes alcohol duty rise

Finland’s Parliament on 8 December passed an alcohol duty rise unanimously with a number of lawmakers urging the government to propose further increases.

IcelandReview (Iceland) - Iceland Increases Tariffs on Wine, Tobacco and Oil

Iceland’s Althingi parliament accepted new laws yesterday on increasing the tariffs on alcohol, tobacco, oil and automobiles by 12.5 percent as well as introducing a tax on driven kilometers and an excise tax on vehicles and fuel.

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