Monday, December 1, 2008

Alcohol News - week 48/2008

Henley Standard (UK) - Brewers attack Chancellor for increased tax

BREWERS and landlords have attacked the Chancellor over his “disgraceful” increase in alcohol tax.

Boston - Alcoholism Eats At Young Men's Bones

Doctors know that alcoholism can cause low bone mass in older alcoholics, but they are also finding that younger men dependent on alcohol also are at a greater risk of fractures and poor healing.

Times Online (UK) - Supermarkets selling alcohol cheaper than water

Research has found that it costs less to quench your thirst with alcohol than bottled water at leading supermarkets.

Times of India - Abortions may cause drug, alcohol addiction

What’s more, after an abortion, women are 30 per cent more likely to have mental disorders as compared to other ladies, the research published in the British Journal of Psychiatry has revealed. The researchers came to the conclusion after reviewing 500 women.

CatererSearch (UK) - Government to introduce restrictions on alcohol sales and promotions

The Government has confirmed that it will introduce mandatory restrictions on the sale and promotion of alcohol, including a ban on happy hours and all-you-can drink offers.

Health Behavior News Service - Younger Alcoholic Men at Risk for Osteoporosis, Small Study Finds

Low bone mass, or osteoporosis, is a known consequence of alcoholism, especially in older alcoholics. However, a new study shows that younger male alcoholics are also at increased risk for osteoporosis. People with osteoporosis, no matter what the cause, are at an increased risk for fractures and poor fracture healing. (New Zealand) - More people being caught drink driving

An increase in the number of drink drivers has prompted fresh calls from police for a review of alcohol driving limits.

IceNews (Finland) - Finland ups its alcohol tax to curb binge drinking

The government of Finland has reported that in 2009 the state tax on all alcohol sales will be increased by an additional ten percent. The rationale behind this move is a bid by the government to discourage heavy drinking, which is continuing to be a major social problem for Finns.

Reuters (USA) - 5 million in U.S. go to alcohol, drug self-help groups

About 5 million Americans attend meetings of self-help groups like Alcoholics Anonymous for alcohol and drug abusers, and nearly half of them reported remaining clean, a federal study released on Monday showed.

Scotsman - Janey Godley: Alcoholism is the same illness no matter what job you do

MIDDLE-CLASS parents were berated last week for allowing their children to get pie-eyed drunk. So, all the previous warnings from government agencies about under-age drinking were aimed only at the lower-income end of society? Was this latest warning sent out to the posh folks on headed notepaper with a scented candle and some couscous?

Times Online - Should alcohol carry health warnings? Yes

We believe there should be unit labelling on alcoholic beverages, as well as information at the point of sale. The Department of Health has proposed a standard message for bottles and cans which we think is good. The ideal label would include how many units the beverage contains and a health message saying “drinking to excess can harm your health”, or similar.

New Straits Times (Malaysia) - Selangor alcohol ban only for Muslims, minors

The Selangor government will not implement a blanket ban on alcohol in the state but will only restrict the sale of alcohol to Muslims and those below 18 years old. (Canada) - 'We're in denial' on alcohol abuse, Inuit politician says

The Inuit government in Labrador is sending the wrong message about alcohol abuse, a member of the Nunatsiavut legislature said.

International Herald Tribune (EU) - EU raises limits on duty-free items

New rules came into force Monday that will allow shoppers from the European Union to purchase more alcohol and other duty free products when they travel home from abroad.

7thSpace Interactive - The cost-effectiveness of increasing alcohol taxes: a modelling study

Excessive alcohol use increases risks of chronic diseases such as coronary heart disease and several types of cancer, with associated losses of quality of life and life-years. Alcohol taxes can be considered as a public health instrument as they are known to be able to decrease alcohol consumption.

Ghanaweb (Ghana) - Alcoholism and the Coming Social Crisis in Ghana

The young person staggering home, evidently drunk and struggling to avoid the gutter near the “drinking spot”, couldn’t have been older than 20. That it was a woman, well-dressed with hair beautifully coiffed, was even more shocking. She was followed by a group of young men who taunted her. One even tried to grab her breasts, but she clumsily brushed him off, raining slurred insults on them as she zigzagged away.

International Herald Tribune (Australia) - Australians debate government battle against booze

The blood oozes crimson from a jagged gash in the man's head onto the starched white hospital sheet. A booze-fueled bar brawl has left his face shredded, his brain damaged.

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