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Alcohol News - 22/2023

ABC (Australia) - In Queensland, alcohol delivery services don't have to check for ID or have drivers with RSAs. That could soon change
It could become harder for Queenslanders to get alcohol delivered to their homes, with the state government calling for feedback on how it should better manage the online alcohol industry.
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Neuroscience News - Empathy’s Influence on Drinking Patterns
The study found that on days when people experienced higher levels of affective empathy (empathy based on shared emotional experiences) than usual, they tended to consume more alcohol. This connection remained even after adjusting for daily changes in positive and negative emotions.
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Planet Radio (UK) - South West study links adolescent alcohol dependence and depression
A study from the University of Bristol and UCL have found those who show signs of alcohol dependence at a young age are a higher risk of depression by their mid-20s
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MPR News (USA) - Addressing rising alcohol use among women
Alcohol use and misuse among women is on the rise and it’s causing severe health problems for some women.
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Medical Xpress - Researchers develop alcohol intervention for women attending breast screening appointments
Monash University, Turning Point and the Victorian Health Promotion Foundation (VicHealth) have developed a successful alcohol intervention for women attending breast screening appointments, as part of a world-first trial.
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Irish Mirror (Ireland) - More than 900 kids hospitalised due to alcohol or drug poisoning last year
More than 900 children were hospitalised as a result of alcohol or drug poisoning last year. Details released to the Irish Mirror under the Freedom of Information Act, show over three quarters – or 724 – were girls.
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Newswise - Neighborhood Access to Alcohol Might be Linked to A Raised Risk of Suicide Attempts
Living in a neighborhood with bars or government-run alcohol outlets may increase suicidal behavior among young adults, especially men and those with elevated genetic liability for attempting suicide, a new study suggests.
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HuffPost UK - Oh Good – This Is How Many Big Macs You're Drinking In Alcohol A Year
Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but you’re probably drinking the equivalent of a kebab’s worth of calories every day.
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American Psychological Association (USA) - More people in the U.S. die of alcohol-related causes than from opioids and other drugs. Psychologists are working to change that
Alongside the opioid overdose crisis, another hidden epidemic is quietly raging. Every year in the United States, more people die of alcohol-related causes than from opioids and other drugs.
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The Conversation (South Africa) - Drink up, it’s closing time: South African study calculates that limiting opening hours will save lives
South Africans are among the heaviest drinkers in the world. The country has the highest per capita rate of alcohol consumption in Africa. Excessive drinking is especially widespread in the Western Cape.
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CBC (Canada) - Booze prices need to rise, accessibility needs to drop to reduce harm, study says
More than $400 million was spent on costs related to drinking in New Brunswick in 2020— about $92 million more than what the province made in alcohol-related revenue.
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RACGP (Australia) - RACGP calls for action on Big Alcohol
The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) has today slammed Big Alcohol’s submissions informing government health strategy and called on the Albanese Government to stand up to the industry to put community safety and wellbeing first.
Read more (UK) - Evaluation of the Children of Alcohol Dependent Parents programme innovation fund: full report
This report presents the findings from evaluation activities carried out as part of the national evaluation of the Children of Alcohol Dependent Parents (CADeP) innovation fund (IF) programme across 9 local areas (spanning 13 local authorities) in England.
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