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Alcohol News - 2/2023

Iceland Review (Iceland) - Alcohol Consumption On the Rise Among Icelanders
The consumption of alcohol among Icelanders has increased significantly and cases of cirrhosis are on the rise, Dr. Valgerður Rúnarsdóttir, the Medical Director of SÁÁ, has stated in an interview. Dr. Valgerður encourages individuals to seek treatment before problems get out of hand.
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The Conversation (USA) - Alcohol use is widely accepted in the US, but even moderate consumption is associated with many harmful effects
This month, millions of Americans are taking part in “Dry January” in an effort to forgo alcohol for a month and cleanse themselves of the excesses of the holiday season.
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CBC - Why millennials and Gen Z are helping lead the zero-proof drink surge
Lee-Anne Richardson says she's hearing from many young Canadians about reducing their alcohol intake, drinking non-alcoholic beverages, or choosing full-blown sobriety.
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Politico (France) - France to ban hunting under the influence of alcohol
The French government is looking to prohibit hunting under the influence of alcohol or drugs, France junior minister for Ecology Bérangère Couillard announced Monday after months of fierce debate over hunting regulation.
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Portugal Resident (Portugal) - One in three road deaths in Portugal have alcohol in blood; one in five reaching criminal levels
No matter how many warnings, fines and threats of imprisonment, Portuguese drivers continue to take to the road after drinking alcohol.
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IFLScience - Quitting Alcohol Can Improve Cognition In Just 18 Days, Study Finds
A new study has promised hope for severe alcoholics by showing that the majority of those that manage to go sober have significant cognitive improvements after just weeks.
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Neuroscience News - Deep Learning Algorithm Can Hear Alcohol in Voice
La Trobe University researchers have developed an artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm that could work alongside expensive and potentially biased breath testing devices in pubs and clubs.
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IOL News (South Africa) - Government urged to present action plan to curb alcohol abuse
The Southern African Alcohol Policy Alliance in South Africa (SAAPA SA) said it was eagerly waiting for the government to reveal its action plan to reduce alcohol harm in South Africa in 2023.
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Daily Mail (UK) - Staff face pressure from bosses to drink with one in five saying they feel obliged to consume alcohol at work events
If you're already struggling to stick to a 'Dry January' resolution, spare a thought for the British workers who feel unable to abstain from alcohol because their boss pressures them to drink.
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The Baltic Times (Estonia) - Estonian police: People disappearing due to relationship, mental health, alcohol issues
Police in Estonia search for a dozen people every day, who mostly disappear due to troubled relationships, mental health problems and alcohol abuse.
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Cancer Treatment Centers of America - Study: Lifestyle changes may prevent nearly half of the world’s cancer deaths
A recent comprehensive global study investigated cancer cases that were attributable to modifiable risk factors. It found that nearly half of cancer deaths worldwide, 44.4 percent, may have been avoidable if the victims had paid attention to factors that raised cancer risk and made lifestyle changes to reduce those risks.
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We welcome comments from the Department of Health, as reported in the media today, 9 Jan 2023, that the European Commission did not raise any objection to these regulations.
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