Friday, September 30, 2022

Alcohol News - 39/2022

Forbes (France) - Alcohol-Free Drinking In Paris? It’s A Thing. Here’s Your Guide
Martha Wright has spent six of the last twelve months in Paris, where she’s explored the city through the lenses of both a wine professional and sobriety coach. That’s meant homing in on best options for low-alcohol and no-alcohol venues and beverage options.
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EPHA - Make alcohol policy the priority it should be — Joint Statement
Europe has the highest rates of alcohol consumption per person, the highest prevalence of heavy episodic alcohol use, and the lowest rates of alcohol abstention in the world.
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Virginia Commonwealth University - Adults who misused alcohol as teens report dissatisfaction and poor health in midlife, study finds
A Virginia Commonwealth University- and Rutgers-led study of more than 2,700 pairs of twins showed the consequences of drinking in adolescence for health can last decades.
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Forbes - People Who Use Alcohol And Marijuana Simultaneously Often Drive Afterward
A third of drivers – 33 % – who drank alcohol and used marijuana at the same time reported getting behind the wheel two hours or less after consumption, more than the percentage of drivers who only used alcohol.
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The Brussels Times (Belgium) - Ban on public alcohol consumption in central Brussels extended
The City of Brussels will extend its ban on consuming alcohol in public spaces in the city centre until at least October 2023, Belgian broadcaster RTBF reports.
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Graphic Online (Ghana) - Strategic plan to fight alcohol abuse launched
A coalition of civil society organisations (CSOs) and public health professionals has launched a five-year strategic plan to tackle alcohol abuse and other alcohol-related issues.
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Lynn Journal (USA) - Alcohol Ignition Interlocks Would Be A Good Idea
Highway Transportation Board (NTSB) recently made the recommendation that automobile manufacturers should be required to install ignition interlock devices (IID) into all new motor vehicles to prevent those who drink alcohol from operating a motor vehicle.
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Daily Record (UK) - Number of alcohol-related deaths in West Lothian remain worryingly high
The number of alcohol-related deaths in West Lothian has remained far higher than pre-pandemic levels, despite a drop in the last year.
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Scoop NZ (New Zealand) - Let’s Strengthen Measures Aimed At Changing Aotearoa New Zealand’s Drinking Culture And Reducing Alcohol Harm
New Zealand’s public health experts are calling for concerted actions to reduce the significant harm caused to people, whānau and communities by Aotearoa New Zealand’s drinking culture and environment.
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Croakey Health Media (Austtralia) - Australian politicians urged to find the political courage to reform alcohol and drug laws
Australia needs to reclaim its former position as a global leader in harm reduction for drugs, through initiatives such as supervised injecting rooms, pill testing and drug checking, and to find the political courage to reform drug laws that send too many people to prison instead of into healthcare.
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On 9 September, the French National Cancer Institute rolled out a new information campaign on the main avoidable risk factors for cancer. The aim is to encourage changes in behaviour that are beneficial to our health.
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