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Alcohol News - 29/2022

Global News - ‘Young people should not drink’: World study challenges alcohol guidelines
A study, the first of its kind in the world, has found that people under the age of 40 risk their health if they drink more than a few sips of beer or wine per day, and recommends that young people not drink alcohol at all.
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University of Stirling - Study reveals impact of alcohol packaging on young people
New research from the University of Stirling has highlighted the significant impact that alcohol packaging has on capturing the attention of, and creating appeal amongst, young people.
Read more (UK) - New Problem-Solving Courts to combat drug and alcohol-fuelled crime
Ground-breaking new courts will direct drug and alcohol abusers to tackle their addiction head-on or face tough consequences.
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News-Medical - Childhood loneliness associated with stress and alcohol-related problems in early adulthood
New research has shown that experiencing loneliness as a pre-adolescent child predicts problem drinking years later, in early adulthood.
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National Geographic - The overlooked toll of drinking alcohol while pregnant
Estimates suggest up to 5 percent of people in the U.S. have fetal alcohol spectrum disorders. Here's how scientists and activists are working toward better diagnoses and treatments.
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1News (New Zealand) - Study reveals strong link between alcohol and suicide
A new study reveals a strong link between acute alcohol use and suicide, prompting calls for liquor law reforms and suicide prevention strategies targeting alcohol-related harm.
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Wales Online (Wales) - Brits urged to avoid alcohol as scorching temperatures reach record levels
While many Britons will see the scorching weather as a perfect opportunity to bask in the sunshine with a cold beer or glass of wine, experts are warning against it
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NIAAA (USA) - Deaths involving alcohol increased during the COVID-19 pandemic
Recently researchers at NIAAA used the national death certificate database to assess changes in alcohol-related deaths during the first year of the pandemic. The results, published in JAMA, show that after increasing around 2.2% per year over the previous two decades, deaths involving alcohol jumped 25.5% between 2019 to 2020, totaling 99,107 deaths.
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Alcohol Health Alliance - Can alcohol consumption increase your risk of dementia?
Alcohol consumption can impact our health in different ways; including how our brain functions in both the short and long term. In this blog, Dr Tony Rao, Visiting Clinical Research Fellow, at the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience, examines the latest evidence of the link between alcohol consumption and dementia.
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IAS Blog - Should we have lower drinking guidelines for younger people?
A new study, published in The Lancet, as part of the Global Burden of Disease project, suggests that health risks associated with alcohol consumption are highest for younger age groups. The authors recommend as a result that we should introduce differential low-risk drinking guidelines, with lower guidelines for younger age groups. This is a strong claim, but does the evidence in the new study back it up?
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Queensland Health - 10 weird things you might not know alcoholic drinks are doing to your body
We all know that drinking alcohol to excess isn’t really part of a healthy lifestyle. Drinking more than the recommended guidelines can put you at risk of developing serious diseases, affect your brain health and make you prone to alcohol-related accidents.
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