Thursday, February 17, 2022

Alcohol News - 7/2022

Reuters (EU) - EU lawmakers water down warnings on alcohol as cause of cancer
EU lawmakers watered down their warning to Europeans over alcohol's links to cancer, stressing only excessive consumption as a risk factor and recommending labels should include advice on moderate drinking rather than a blunter health message.
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Mail and Guardian (South Africa) - Alcohol: the deadly accelerant
One of the hard realities brought to the fore by the Covid-19 pandemic is the relationship between the harmful use of alcohol and interpersonal violence.
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The Guardian (UK) - Two glasses of wine can exceed daily sugar limit, warn UK experts
Adults can exceed their recommended daily limit of sugar by drinking just two glasses of wine, experts have warned.
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Phonemantra (Czech Republic) - More and more women are drinking alcohol regularly
A report by Radio Praha revealed a rapid increase in the number of women with alcohol problems in the Czech Republic.
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New Age (Bagladesh) - Bangladesh sets New rules for alcohol consumption
The home ministry has published new rules of the Narcotics Control Acts 2018 allowing setting up bars at hotels and making 21 the lowest age for drinking alcohol.
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Click On Detroit (Germany) - Germany's drugs czar wants higher age limits for alcohol
The German government's drugs czar has proposed raising the legal age when people can buy beer and wine from 16 to 18, and cracking down on alcohol and tobacco advertising.
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SHAAP Blog (Ireland) - Public health alcohol policy finally triumphs as MUP commences in Ireland
In this post, Eunan McKinney briefly describes the introduction of minimum unit pricing (MUP) in Ireland, which occurred at the start of 2022.
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The Lancet Global Health - Clearing our heads over alcohol
“Alcohol is the only psychoactive and dependence-producing substance that exerts a significant impact on global population health that is not controlled at the international level by legally binding regulatory instruments”. This statement formed part of the preamble of a draft Action Plan for implementing the WHO Global Strategy to Reduce the Harmful Use of Alcohol, which was recommended at the recent WHO Executive Board meeting for adoption at the next World Health Assembly.
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University of Victoria (Canada) - More Canadians hospitalized for alcohol than heart attacks last year: study
CARBC Director Tim Stockwell was an expert advisor on a new report out of the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) that found that alcohol use led to more hospitalizations than heart attacks in Canada last year.
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American Institute for Cancer Research (USA) - Most Americans Still Unaware that Alcohol Is a Cause of Cancer
Most American adults remain unaware that alcohol is a cause of tens of thousands of cancer cases in the U.S. every year; a new study shows that those who are aware of the risks are far more likely to support warning labels and other policies that could highlight the link.
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