Thursday, October 7, 2021

Alcohol News - 40/2021

Alcohol Health Alliance - The problem with drinking responsibly
The alcohol industry has long used the message ‘drink responsibly’ when promoting its products. But what does this phrase even mean? In this blog, Colin Shevills, Special Adviser to the Alcohol Health Alliance, argues why we need to take public health messaging out of the hands of the alcohol industry and call time on the ‘drink responsibly’ message.
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WIRED - Alcohol Is the Breast Cancer Risk No One Wants to Talk About
AS OCTOBER USHERS in National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the social media campaign Drink Less for Your Breasts stands out like a red flag against a cheerful tide of pink ribbons, especially the ones printed on labels of alcoholic beverages.
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The Age (Australia) - Action needed now to prevent alcohol harm behind closed doors
For more than 18 months, alcohol retailers and companies have aggressively marketed their products as a way to cope with the pandemic. In Victoria, the result has been an increase in alcohol sales into the home of $800 million between 2019 and 2020 – that’s an extra $15 million in sales each week.
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Digital Journal (UK) - Experts warn society has become ‘dangerously infatuated’ by alcohol
Concerning information about the level of alcohol consumption and the normalisation of excessive drinking has been reported in relation to the UK.
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Croakey (Australia) - How the alcohol industry exerts influence to block life-saving policies
Industries use many strategies to block and undermine public health interventions. A new study underscores some longstanding lessons from tobacco control and clinical research about the impact of industry funding of research.
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News Medical - Study highlights sex differences in the brain biology that controls alcohol drinking behaviors
A brain circuit that works as a "brake" on binge alcohol drinking may help explain male-female differences invulnerability to alcohol use disorders, according to a preclinical study led by scientists at Weill Cornell Medicine.
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The University of Sydney (Australia) - Guidelines for treatment of alcohol problems notes risks, stigma
The University of Sydney has led the development of the updated federal Guidelines for the Treatment of Alcohol Problems, publicised in the MJA yesterday, which sits alongside the NHMRC alcohol consumption guidelines.
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Society for the study of Addiction - Preventing alcohol-related harm in unplanned pregnancies: does a lifecourse perspective make sense?
For women who experience unplanned pregnancies, official guidance to abstain from alcohol may be welcome or useful once they know they are pregnant. However, it’s not going to make any difference to alcohol exposure or alcohol-related harm before this point. Natalie Davies describes an approach with potential to prevent alcohol-related harm among women at risk of unplanned pregnancies, but has some questions about the lifecourse approach that underpins it.
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MJA - Treatment of alcohol problems: current status and future directions
Alcohol is Australia’s most widely used drug, consumed by nearly 80% of the adult population.1 We lack recent prevalence data for alcohol use disorder in Australia but previous estimates vary from about 800 0002 to over a million.3 With such large numbers, it is quite a paradox that we are not better equipped to manage those who develop problems related to its use.
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