Thursday, August 19, 2021

Alcohol News - 33/2021

The Guardian (Scotland) - Deaths caused by alcohol at highest level since 2008 in Scotland
Alcohol-specific deaths in Scotland rose to their highest level in more than a decade in 2020, amid warnings that the pandemic has undermined progress made with the country’s world-leading minimum unit-pricing policy.
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The New Daily (Australia) - Alcohol companies stoop to a new low with predatory lockdown marketing
When the lockdown was announced in Greater Sydney at the end of June, companies that sell alcoholic products immediately launched their lockdown-related marketing campaigns.
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Kilkenny People (Ireland) - People urged not to mix alcohol with water activities
GardaĆ­ and water safety experts have urged people to never mix alcohol with water activities.
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My London (UK) - Shoreditch is 'returning to bad old days' with 'massive alcohol and violence problem'
Shoreditch is returning to the "bad old days" of violence fuelled by alcohol, admits a police officer. Speaking at Hackney’s licensing sub-committee PC Neal Hunwick said Shoreditch is a serious problem and has explained that the police are rejecting businesses' requests to extend hours.
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IAM-Media (Russia) - Amendments to alcohol production laws signal new dawn for champagne and cognac labelling in Russia
In early July, the international alcoholic beverage sector was alarmed by news coming from Russia regarding changes in wine and spirits legislation.
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Mothers with young children increased their drinking by more than 300 per cent during the pandemic, a study has suggested.
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Business Tech (South Africa) - Push for stricter alcohol rules in South Africa
A new research report shows that increasing the minimum price of alcohol in South Africa would effectively reduce consumption in a nation of heavy drinkers.
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IOL (South Africa) - Liquor sales at petrol stations will have ’grave consequences’
Child injury prevention unit and NPO, ChildSafe, have opposed liquor licenses being issued to petrol stations, under the banner of “customer convenience”.
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HealthDay - Kids of Heavy Drinkers Face Multiple Threats to Health
Death, injuries, abuse and mental health disorders are among the many harms faced by children whose parents are heavy drinkers, Danish researchers say.
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Scimex - Drinking a little, often, could increase your cancer risk
It is not just heavy drinking sessions that put you at risk of cancer, with a new study showing that frequent drinking may be a more important risk factor for gastrointestinal (GI) cancers than the amount of alcohol drunk at each session.
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