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Alcohol News - 23/2021

SciTechDaily (USA) - Alcohol Companies Earn Billions From Underage Drinking
Underage youth consumed $17.5 billion worth, or 8.6 percent, of the alcoholic drinks sold in 2016. Products from three alcohol companies — AB Inbev, MillerCoors and Diageo — accounted for nearly half of youth consumption, according to a new study published in the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs.
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ERR News (Estonia) -  Study: Alcohol consumption, related deaths in 2020 up from prior year
Estonian residents in 2020 consumed 10.5 l of absolute alcohol per adult (15+), 1.7 percent up from the year prior. There were 108 more deaths directly related to alcohol, a study by the Estonian Institute of Economic Research shows.
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RTE (Ireland) - Alcohol addiction services 'woefully inadequate'
Alcohol Action Ireland has said that treatment facilities and services available for those with alcohol addiction issues are "woefully inadequate" and the issue needs much more focus and investment.
Read more (USA) - Women Now Drink as Much as Men - And Are Prone to Sickness Sooner, Study Says
Women suffer from the negative health effects of alcohol more quickly than men do, even with a smaller amount of alcohol consumption, according to research.
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Science Daily - Drinking alcohol is linked to reduced chances of pregnancy
A study of the associations between drinking alcohol and the chances of becoming pregnant suggests that women who want to conceive should avoid heavy drinking. In the second half of menstrual cycle even moderate drinking is linked to reduced chances of pregnancy.
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ABC (Australia) - What alcohol is really doing to Michelle
What would be a good enough reason for you to actually cut back on booze? If you were gaining weight? If you were tired all the time? Having relationship difficulties? What about cancer?
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The Independent (Japan) - Tokyo 2020: Olympics Village considers alcohol ban as part of strict Covid-19 measures
Tokyo Olympics chiefs are considering a ban on alcohol in the Olympic village due to the Covid restrictions that currently apply in Japan.
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The New Daily (Australia) - The ‘inconvenient truth’ about alcohol that could help people quit drinking
Everyone knows that smoking causes cancer, but what about drinking? The evidence that alcohol is a carcinogen – a substance with the capacity to cause cancer in humans – has long been clear, but research shows more public awareness of alcohol’s harms is needed.
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NZMA (New Zealand) - NZMA Urges Minister To Review Alcohol Law
In recent days, there has been media coverage of the damage alcohol causes to many New Zealanders, and the strain and difficulties medical staff face in dealing with alcohol-related harm.
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FARE (Australia) - Landmark report highlights failures by Woolworths and shows need for reform
The full report by the Woolworths-appointed panel, led by Danny Gilbert AM, into the company’s now abandoned plan to build an alcohol megastore in Darwin, was released today.
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Prison Policy Initiative (USA) - New data: State prisons are increasingly deadly places
New data from the Bureau of Justice Statistics shows that state prisons are seeing alarming rises in suicide, homicide, and drug and alcohol-related deaths.
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DInsights (Indonesia) - Government to Ban Investment in Alcohol Industry
President Joko Widodo issued Presidential Regulation (Perpres) No. 49/2021, revising investment permits in certain sectors.
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LA Times (USA) - Armed and drunk: Off-duty cops get into trouble drinking. LAPD rules fail to prevent it
Early one morning last month, off-duty Los Angeles Police Officer Nicolas Quintanilla-Borja allegedly threatened to kill his cousin and another man with a handgun in Inglewood before being arrested by local police, prosecutors said.
Read more (South Africa) - Stricter booze laws ‘can make SA safer place for children’
As the government marks the end of Child Protection Week, the Southern African Alcohol Policy Alliance in SA (SAAPA SA) believes stronger liquor legislation can make South Africa a safer place for children.
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