Thursday, July 9, 2020

Alcohol News - 27/2020

Mpls.St.Paul Magazine - How “Mommy Juice” Culture Gives Rise to Alcohol Normalization
From Facebook wine mom memes to coping-with-pandemic Zoom happy hours, it can feel like daily drinking is the norm and a natural part of everyone’s lifestyle. But there’s a dark side to the apparent fun—and it comes to the detriment of women.
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The Hippocratic Post - Drinking post-lockdown: Time to reassess our relationship with alcohol?
With drinking habits changed for thousands of people under lockdown, there are warnings of more excessive alcohol consumption when pubs reopen on July 4.
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Michael West News (Australia) - Health warning: Alcohol industry can cause lifelong harm to your baby
The alcohol industry’s peak lobby group Alcohol Beverages Australia has a powerful ally in the chairman of the ministerial forum on food regulation. Liberal MP Richard Colbeck has put forward similar arguments to the ABA to delay the adoption of stronger health warnings. Food ministers are due to vote next week on the issue, writes Luke Stacey.
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BMC Blogs Network (UK) - “Want a Drink? Go on, you know you want to.” – Peer pressure to drink alcohol among UK adults
With pubs reopening in England this last weekend after a three-month lockdown, people have rushed to town centers for their social night out. Feeling pressured to have that drink?
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Reuters (Thailand) - Thailand to ban online alcohol sales to curb underage drinking
Thailand said on Thursday it would prohibit online sales of alcohol in a clampdown on underage drinking after a rise in sales during the coronavirus outbreak.
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Pro Bono Australia (Australia) - Putting away alcohol and raising money for cancer
When Macdonald and a few friends challenged themselves to cut out alcohol for a month over 10 years ago, it never occurred to them that their own personal Dry July would evolve into the wildly successful international campaign it is today.
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Radio Canada International (Canada) - Survey: Pandemic affecting Canadian consumption of alcohol and cannabis
A new study from the Canadian Red Cross has shown that the COVID-19 pandemic has affected cannabis and alcohol consumption by Canadian adults, according to a press release.
Read more (New Zealand) - Alcohol Health Warning Label Vote Imminent
A pregnancy health warning label on alcohol will be voted on by Ministers of the Australian and New Zealand Ministerial Forum for Food Regulation (The Forum) on 17 July says Dr Nicki Jackson, Executive Director of Alcohol Healthwatch.
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TimesLIVE (South Africa) - Stop shifting blame to drinkers: lobby groups to alcohol industry
The alcohol industry’s use of “responsible drinking” messages should be challenged as it shifts the blame of irresponsible drinking and its social ills from producers to alcohol users, leading experts on alcohol have said.
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Action Point (New Zealand) - Cost of alcohol to society
In 2019, alcohol contributed $1.074 billion of government revenue in the form of excise tax. In contrast, alcohol misuse is estimated to cost New Zealand society $7.5 billion each year. This includes costs resulting from lost productivity, unemployment, as well as justice, health, ACC, welfare costs, etc.
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Alcohol Action Ireland, the national independent advocate for reducing alcohol harm, has today (9 July) called on the government not to follow the calls from the alcohol industry to reduce alcohol taxes.
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Eurocare - In light of coronavirus pandemic, wine industry gets even more EU funding
European Union after a health pandemic gives even more money to promotion of certain unhealthy products. European Alcohol Policy Alliance is disappointed and strongly condemns European Commission’s decision to give additional package of exceptional measures to support the wine sector, following the coronavirus crisis.
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NordAN - COVID-19 and alcohol – consumption data strengthens case for ambitious alcohol policy
COVID-19 has put health resilience and preparedness at the forefront of every political debate – How ready were we and our health systems to deal with a public health crisis of this scale?
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