Thursday, December 5, 2019

Alcohol News - 49/2019

Reuters - Instagram to collect ages in leap for youth safety, alcohol ads
Facebook Inc’s Instagram said it will require birthdates from all new users starting on Wednesday, expanding the audience for ads for alcohol and other age-restricted products while offering new safety measures for younger users.
EurekAlert - Stricter alcohol policies related to lower risk of cancer
In a new study, researchers at Boston Medical Center and Boston University have uncovered a new association between more restrictive alcohol policies and lower rates of cancer mortality.
The Conversation UK (UK) - Alcohol deaths in the UK – second highest since records began
It’s easy to forget how toxic alcohol is, although this collective lapse of memory is not accidental as the alcohol industry does all it can to curate a positive image of drink. In the UK, the industry depends on heavy drinkers and spends around £800 million a year on marketing.
More than 1,000 Britons a day get injured on skiing holidays after consuming alcohol, according to new research.
Iowa State Daily - Study finds alcohol ads lead to an increase in underage drinking
Advertising strategies used by beer companies appear to influence underage drinking, according to new research from Iowa State.
Medical Xpress - The influence of alcohol consumption among cohabitating partners
Research has linked a partner's or spouse's drinking with changes in alcohol-related behaviours, but few studies have considered only cohabiting relationships.
BBC News (Scotland) - Alcohol death rates dropping in Scotland
Death rates caused by alcohol have dropped in Scotland in the past 10 years, according to new figures.
ERR News (Estonia) - Minister of Finance says alcohol tax cuts increased economic growth
Minister of Finance Martin Helme (EKRE) speculated that the government's decision to reduce the alcohol excise duty was behind the 4.2 percent economic growth in the third quarter announced on Friday. (Australia) - Alcohol health strategy 'lacks ambition'
A new national strategy to reduce alcohol-related harm lacks ambition, health advocates say. The Public Health Association of Australia said the strategy had been too long in the making and too influenced by the alcohol industry.
ERR News (Estonia) - Tallinn removes alcohol sale restrictions from city council agenda
Though the Tallinn city council was set to approve the capital's alcohol sales restrictions bill during its sitting on Thursday, the city government withdrew the bill from the agenda.
Medical Xpress - New report exposes 'pink and pretty' alcohol marketing tactics to women
A new report has uncovered the tactics the alcohol industry is using to make their products more appealing to women and calls on the Australian Government to introduce stronger controls on alcohol marketing, independent of the alcohol industry.
msnNOW - This is the Amount of Alcohol That Increases Breast Cancer Risk
Alcohol has long been linked to a higher risk of breast cancer, but how much is enough to make a difference? It seems even a moderate intake—drinking one glass of wine, beer, or any other type of alcohol a day—may raise your risk of breast cancer, according to the American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR) and the World Cancer Research Fund. - How to survive Christmas when you're a recovering alcoholic
For years, Catherine Renton relied on alcohol to get her through social situations. When she turned her back on drinking in her mid 30s, Catherine had to endure isolation and panic attacks but she's now looking forward to a clear-headed party season — and here's how you can too.
The Brussels Times (Belgium) - Green light for alcohol ban in Brussels pedestrian zone
The Brussels city council approved an alcohol ban on the downtown pedestrian zone on Monday, following in the footsteps of other districts and municipalities due to numerous nuisance complaints.
Isle of Wight County Press (Isle of Wight) - Almost 1,500 Isle of Wight people dependent on alcohol
ALMOST 1,500 people on the Isle of Wight are dependent on alcohol — but numbers have fallen.
Budapest Business Journal (Hungary) - Food, alcohol spending well above EU average
Research by Eurostat on household expenditures across the European Union in 2018 reveals that Hungarians spend a larger than average proportion of their expenses on food; alcohol and tobacco; fuel and maintenance of personal transport; and communications.
Flux Magazine - How to inform your children about drug and alcohol addiction
There are a few reasons why parents should definitely talk to their children about drug or alcohol addiction. The first reason is that D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Reinforcement Education) programs that were at schools some time ago didn’t have any positive results.
Irish Post (Ireland) - Over 75% of young people in Ireland have tried alcohol while 24% have tried marijuana
OVER THREE-QUARTERS (78%) of young Irish people have tried alcohol, a new study has revealed. It's also emerged that almost one in four (24%) young people in the country have smoked marijuana at least once.
While student associations like Vindicat in Groningen made agreements to reduce excessive alcohol use among its members, doing so in practice will prove to be difficult. Because student associations are financially rewarded by beer breweries and other alcohol providers for selling more alcohol to their members, RTV Noord reports based on its own research.
The Sydney Morning Herald (Australia) - Alcohol lobby says new pregnancy warning labels 'too expensive'
The alcohol lobby has launched a fresh offensive against the regulator's mandatory pregnancy warning labels, claiming it will cost manufacturers $600 million to redesign their products.

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