Thursday, October 31, 2019

Alcohol News - 44/2019

Medical News Today - Alcohol intake and reduced brain volume: What explains the link?
Excessive alcohol consumption carries many risks, including heart and liver problems, a higher risk of cancer, and even brain damage.
McKnight's Long Term Care News - Common medications mixed with alcohol may increase falls risk
Some common medications may interact with alcohol, making seniors more vulnerable to falls, according to a new study from the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland.
Healthline - How Marijuana Use Can Increase Your Risk for an Alcohol Overdose
If you use alcohol along with other drugs, you may be increasing your risk for an alcohol overdose, researchers say.
East Africa Monitor (Uganda) - Uganda finally taking a stand for effective alcohol regulation
In a long-overdue move, Ugandan authorities have approved the National Alcohol Control Policy in a bid to curb alcohol abuse nationwide. With Ugandans among the highest consumers of alcohol in Africa— more than one-fifth of the population engages in binge drinking—and the alcohol industry pushing back against effective regulation at every turn, such a public health crackdown by Kampala will be no small undertaking.
The RiotACT (Australia) – Students consuming less alcohol but binge-drinking attitudes unchanged
Canberra university students are drinking less than they were three years ago, but attitudes towards binge drinking haven’t changed according to a new report released yesterday (30 October).
Science Daily - Years of education may impact drinking behavior and risk of alcohol dependence
Higher educational attainment -- spending more years in education -- may impact people's drinking behavior and reduce their risk of alcohol dependence, according to a new study.
The Daily Cardinal (USA) - City study shows correlation between alcohol-dense areas, police presence
A recent City of Madison study on the density of alcohol-selling establishments revealed a higher use of city resources associated with alcohol-dense areas.
BBC News - Cancer risk 30 times higher for smokers who drink, research suggests
Smokers who drink alcohol are 30 times more likely to get mouth or throat cancer than those who use tobacco or alcohol alone, new guidance suggests.
BBC News (UK) - Public alcohol ban by-law bid gathers 'mixed' response in Borders
A study into proposals for by-laws banning the consumption of alcohol in public places in the Borders has received a "mixed" response.
The Brussels Times (EU) - EU households spend more on alcohol and narotics than governments on the environment
The average EU household spent more on narcotics and alcohol throughout 2017 than EU governments did on environmental protection, new Eurostat figures show.
HospiMedica - Frequent Alcohol Consumption Linked to AF Risk
A new study reveals that people who imbibe small amounts of alcohol almost every day are more at risk of developing atrial fibrillation (AF) than occasional binge drinkers.
The Irish Sun (Ireland) - Alcohol major factor in three quarters of road deaths in off-peak hours, Road Safety Authority say
ALCOHOL was a major factor in 75 per cent of deaths on the roads in off-peak hours, research has revealed.
A new study by the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute reveals the financial magnitude of adult binge drinking in Wisconsin.
ABC News (Australia) - Older people out-drink younger Australians on a regular basis
A 53-year-old mother out-drinking her 19-year-old son may be surprising, but new data shows this is a common trend for Australia's older generations.

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