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Alcohol News - 9/2019

Forbes (USA) - The Alcohol Crisis In America Has Been Overshadowed By Opioids, But Can No Longer Be Ignored
When talking about drug abuse and drug-related death in the U.S., most conversations and statistics do not include alcohol. Although alcohol is classified as a depressant, the amount consumed and type of alcohol determine the outcome and thus, most individuals think of it as separate from other drugs.
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Nunavut News (Canada) - Kugaaruk voters choose to keep ban on alcohol
Fifty-four per cent of voters in Monday’s liquor plebiscite preferred that alcohol remain outlawed in the community.
Daily Mail (Scotland) - Call to raise minimum price for alcohol to 60p per unit
Minimum pricing for alcohol should be raised to 60p per unit in Scotland, the Liberal Democrats have suggested.
ABC News (Australia) - Baseball Australia announces total booze ban — but there's a catch
Baseball Australia has announced it will no longer accept alcohol advertising or sponsorship at its national and junior levels, setting the organisation at odds with its own domestic clubs that continue to cash in on booze brands.
Daily Mail - Nutritionist reveals what alcohol REALLY does to your stomach, brain and liver - and reveals her tricks to help your body repair after a heavy night
Most people are familiar with the effects of alcohol - dry skin, brittle hair and a banging headache - but few of us give much thought to the long-term health implications.
Scarborough Today (UK) - Hospital admissions for conditions caused by alcohol abuse rising in North Yorkshire
Hospital admissions for conditions directly caused by alcohol abuse are rising in North Yorkshire, with the British Liver Trust putting the “alarming” figures down to an increasing drinking culture among middle aged and older drinkers. (Canada) - Territories get failing grades on curbing alcohol harms: study
Two studies released Wednesday from the University of Victoria's Canadian Institute for Substance Use Research look at provincial, territorial and federal policies to curb the damaging effects of drinking on people's health and safety.
Fortune - Cannabis May Pose a 'Long-Term Risk' to the Alcohol Industry
The legal marijuana industry could emerge to become one of the biggest threats to the multi-billion dollar beverage alcohol business, according to a new report from a top analytical firm.
The Versed - Alcohol Is The New Cause For This Common Pain And Here’s How
The typical headache attacks experienced by migraine sufferers is unilateral, of gradual onset, throbbing, moderate to extreme in severity, and typically aggravated by almost any movement.
New Zealand Doctor Online (New Zealand) - Tax review fails to heed calls for urgency on alcohol tax
Alcohol Healthwatch warns a business as usual approach to alcohol harm in our country represents a lost opportunity to significantly improve the mental health and wellbeing of New Zealanders.
Science Daily - New method uses AI to screen for fetal alcohol spectrum disorder
Scientists at the University of Southern California (USC), Queen's University (Ontario) and Duke University have developed a new tool that can screen children for fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) quickly and affordably, making it accessible to more children in remote locations worldwide.
The Conversation AU (Australia) - Did you look forward to last night’s bottle of wine a bit too much? Ladies, you’re not alone
This month, close to 40,000 people, mostly women, have given up alcohol for FebFast and many others will be participating in Dry July.
Global News Radio (Canada) - The financial cost of alcohol-related harm in BC exceeds the revenue generated from liquor products: research
Here in BC, we've been consuming more and more alcohol every year for at least the past 15 years. And a new report outlines the many consequences of that: illnesses... increased crime... and even death. And that's not to mention the costs to from all that alcohol-related harm - it's so high that it actually exceeds the amount of money companies make from selling alcohol.
Baylor College of Medicine (USA) - The ethical argument to reducing legal blood alcohol concentration level
In the United States, motor vehicle accidents are a leading cause of injury and death, with 29 Americans losing their lives to alcohol-related driving incidents daily, and alcohol consumption is the single greatest contributing factor to motor vehicle fatalities.
University of Gothenburg (Sweden) - Alcohol consumption and alcohol-related injuries are increasing among the elderly
Elderly people in Sweden drink more than before. At the same time, the number of alcohol-related injuries among the elderly is increasing, since sensitivity to alcohol and the risk of injuries and diseases rise with age.
Metro Voice - Women are giving themselves cancer with alcohol
Middle-aged women aren’t getting the message that there’s a proven link between alcohol consumption and higher breast cancer risk, according to researchers from Flinders University in Adelaide, Australia.

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