Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Alcohol News - 42/2018

Medical Xpress (Ireland) - Ireland passes law putting cancer warnings on alcohol
Alcoholic drinks in Ireland will be labelled with cancer warnings under a groundbreaking law passed Wednesday, which also sets a minimum price in a bid to tackle a "corrosive" drinking culture. (UK) - Facial recognition system to approve alcohol and cigarettes sales to be trialled by first British supermarket
Facial recognition software is to be used in UK supermarkets for the first time to verify the age of people buying alcohol and cigarettes, the Telegraph has learned.
The Guardian (Australia) - Alcohol labels warning of risk from drinking while pregnant 'will save lives'
Alcohol producers will be forced to label their products with warnings relating to the risks of drinking during pregnancy in an agreement reached by Australian and New Zealand ministers.
MedPage Today - Alcohol, Suicide-Related Mortality Higher in Diabetics
People with diabetes may be at a higher risk for mortality stemming from psychological issues, a Finnish study reported.
The Local France (France) - Could the cost of alcohol in France be about to shoot up?
The price of alcohol in France could be about to go up after French doctors called on the country's health minister to raise taxes on alcohol to fund an awareness campaign, warning the public about the dangers of over-consumption and addiction.
Irish Examiner (Ireland) - Alcohol bill will 'change attitudes', say doctors
The Royal College of Physicians says the passage of the Public Health Alcohol Bill will help ease the frontline pressures on the health service.
The Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture, Alexis Tam, says that he will consider laws and regulations on youth alcohol consumption.
VietnamPlus (Malaisya) - Malaysia raises minimum age for alcohol consumption to 21
Malaysia on October 17 raised the minimum age to purchase alcohol to 21 from 18 and the decision took effect immediately.
Radio New Zealand (Samoa) - Samoa judge calls for alcohol restriction
A Supreme Court judge in Samoa has called on the Liquor Control Board to impose tougher conditions on the sale of alcohol to already intoxicated customers.
CTV News (Canada) - Coroner urges police and SAAQ to treat impaired driving more seriously and swiftly
Three years after the death of a man who drove into a police cruiser, a coroner is urging the province to speed up its evaluation of breathalyzers and ignition locks.
talkRADIO (UK) - MPs call for new alcohol levy to help treat harm caused by heavy drinking
A new "treatment levy" should be imposed on alcohol duties to help deal with the harm caused by heavy drinking, MPs and health groups have said.
The London Free Press (UK) - Advocates unveil local drug and alcohol strategy
The Middlesex-London Community Drug and Alcohol Strategy officially is out, highlighting a slew of recommendations and key priorities, including better collaboration between addiction and mental health agencies and creating a managed alcohol program to help the most severe alcoholics.
Whitman Wire (USA) - 374% Increase in Alcohol Referrals: 2018 Clery Report
Of all the information within the Clery Report, most striking is the number of alcohol referrals, which increased by approximately 374 percent from 2016 to 2017.

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