Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Alcohol News - 36/2018

Voice of America (USA) - Alcohol Banned at 66 US College Fraternities
Alcohol will be banned at many fraternities on the campuses of U.S. colleges and universities, according to the national association that sets policy for those organizations. (Ireland) - Group wants Social Responsibility levy imposed on off-licences to combat alcohol consumption
Alcohol Action Ireland is calling on the Government to increase the annual charge on off-licences. It is one of a number of measures it is seeking in its Pre-budget submission.
The Guardian (Australia) - Australians drinking less alcohol now than any time in past 50 years
Australians are drinking less alcohol now than at any time in the past 50 years, and beer is still rated as the nation’s favourite drink, just ahead of a glass of wine.
Independent Online (Australia) - Group funded by alcohol industry suggests pregnant women can drink
It wasn't the headline that raised eyebrows; it's the tiny text below it. "It's safest not to drink while pregnant," the headline reads, echoing the consensus among public health organisations around the world.
HeraldScotland (Scotland) - Scottish Gin Society warned about linking alcohol with sex as adverts get banned
TEN Scottish Gin Society adverts have been banned by the regulator for linking alcohol with sexual success and for encouraging excessive drinking.
European Public Health Alliance (EU) - Why Europe urgently needs to buy into the alcohol ‘best buys’
There is a casual relationship between the harmful use of alcohol and heart diseases, cancers, liver diseases, mental health disorders and other noncommunicable conditions. Approximately 5.9% of all deaths worldwide were attributable to alcohol in 2012, more than half caused by non-communicable diseases (NCDs).
RACGP (Australia) - Advertisers put ‘health halo’ on alcohol products to attract consumers, researchers say
Australian alcohol companies promote their products as ‘pure’, ‘fresh’, ‘natural’ and ‘sugar-free’ to encourage more health-conscious people to purchase them, according to new research.
The Standard (Kenya) - Global alcohol report staggers past ‘silent’ drunks in Kenya
The recent landmark study declaring any amount of alcohol bad for health missed out on Kenya’s most notorious drinkers.
The Irish Sun (Ireland) - Ireland’s dangerous relationship with alcohol shows no sign of slowing with 54,000 treated for problematic use from 2010 to 2016
Alcohol is the still main problem drug in the country according to a study by the Health Research Board with over 7,000 cases recorded in 2016.
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The Press, York (UK) - Nearly a third of York adults 'drink too much alcohol'
ALMOST a third of adults in York drink more units of alcohol each week than the recommended level, according to Public Health England.
Health-e News (South Africa) - Calls for more foetal alcohol syndrome awareness
South Africa, which has the world’s highest prevalence of Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD), is joining other countries to create awareness of the disorder on 9 September – International FASD day. (New Zealand) - Alcohol-related harm the dark side of Wellington no one wants to talk about – councillor
Bottle shop opening hours, alcohol advertising and the number of bars operating in Wellington will come under scrutiny as the city council begins a crackdown on booze to combat alcohol-related harm.
Radio Poland (Poland) - Strong alcohol consumption up in Poland: report
The consumption of beverages with a high alcohol content such as vodka, liqueur and spirits went up significantly last year, new research shows.

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