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Alcohol News - 29/2018 - Liver disease: Five early symptoms of organ damage caused by too much alcohol
LIVER disease is often caused by drinking too much alcohol. If the misuse of alcohol continues, it can lead to a condition called alcohols-related cirrhosis and serious complications can occur. - Alcohol advertising checks 'must focus more on social media'
THE rules on advertising alcohol must be tightened up because of the increase in social media, according to new research. Academics said the regulatory system for the marketing of alcohol was struggling to keep up with the pace and nature of technological change.
TTG (Spain) - Balearic Islands to explore all-inclusive alcohol restrictions
The Balearic Islands is considering stringent limits - or even an outright ban - on free, unrestricted alcohol provision on all-inclusive holidays.
Irish Times (Ireland) - Irish plan to put cancer warnings on alcohol being closely watched
It is a quirk of law that a bottle of alcohol-free beer must list its ingredients but there is no such requirement for a bottle containing actual alcohol.
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Science Daily - Potential link between alcohol and death rates
Drinking heavily results in uncontrolled iron absorption into the body, putting strain on vital organs and increasing the risk of death, according to a new study published in the journal Clinical Nutrition.
Undark Magazine - A Major Industry-Funded Alcohol Study Was Compromised. How Many Others Are Out There?
LAST YEAR, the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, part of the federal National Institutes of Health, laid out plans for what is a rarity in the realm of public health: a high quality clinical trial.
Washington Times - Even one month without alcohol improves health markers, study shows
Abstaining from alcohol for just one month can improve a number of health measurements, including lowering blood pressure and decreasing factors for cancer risk and diabetes, according to a recent study by researchers in the U.K. (Ireland) - Dr Ciara Kelly: "We really need to realise that alcohol is a drug
Last weekend there were calls from gardai and emergency first responders in west Cork for parents to act more responsibly, after it was reported that multiple teenagers were highly intoxicated at an underage disco where the emergency services had to be called repeatedly. (Switzerland) - Swiss experts recommend lower alcohol intake
Men should drink no more than two glasses of alcoholic beverages a day, women no more than one to keep their health risks low, the new government guidelines have recommended.
ABC Local (Australia) - Youth in justice system need more drug, alcohol services: report
A new report from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare has found young people in the youth justice system are 30 times more likely than their peers to need access to alcohol and drug services.
Medical Xpress - The relationship between alcohol outlets and traffic crashes
A new study by the Prevention Research Center of the Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation examines the relationship between the number and location of alcohol outlets (such as bars or liquor stores or other places where alcohol is sold) and traffic crashes.
Irish Mirror (EU/Spain) - European anti-alcohol campaigners asked to fight drunken flights to Spain from Ireland
European anti-alcohol campaigners have been asked to help fight against drunken tourism in Spain. Flights to Palma and Ibiza from Ireland and the UK have been identified as problem flights. - Study shows 'booster' emails can reduce drinking/alcohol-related problems among college students
College students entering adulthood often drink too much. Negative consequences can include missed classes, poor grades, a wide array of injuries, and even assault. Many academic institutions have addressed this problem by offering computer-delivered interventions (CDIs) for rapid and wide dissemination to students.
PerthNow (Australia) - A minimum floor price on booze would curb alcohol-related harm in WA, health experts argue
A MINIMUM floor price on alcohol would be one of the best ways to curb alcohol-related harm, according to health experts, as pressure ramps up on the State Government to introduce the measure.
EurekAlert (Australia) - Reducing Australia's cancer death rate
New research has revealed for the first time what impact cutting back on drinking and smoking as a population would have on Australia's cancer death rate.
Citizen (South Africa) - South Africans drinking themselves to death – report
The study called for effective policy measures to prevent alcohol-attributable harm ‘such as limitations of availability and affordability’.
HuffPost UK - Sexting And Not Drinking: Why Teen Pregnancy Rates Are At An All-Time Low
Teenage pregnancy rates are at an all-time low thanks to younger people spending more time on social media, drinking less alcohol and being family-orientated, according to a report by the British Pregnancy Advisory Service (bpas).
The Sideny Morning Herald - How can we prevent thousands of cancer deaths? Drink less
Thousands of cancer deaths would be prevented each year if Australians slashed their weekly alcohol intake by around five standard drinks, a major study examining almost 80 years of health records has revealed.
Nigerian Tribune (Nigeria) - 4.3% of cancers in Nigeria alcohol-induced —Study
In a new study, experts have attributed 4.3 percent of all cancer seen in Nigeria to alcohol consumption.

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