Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Alcohol News - 19/2018

YLE (Finland) - Summery weather brings drink-driving spike
Last weekend's drink-driving figures were in the dozens, according to police. Cases of driving under the influence of alcohol or some other intoxicant were recorded across the country, with the highest blood alcohol numbers clocking in at 2.8 permille (BAC 0.297%). The drink-driving limit is 0.5 permille (BAC 0.053%).
The Conversation UK - Why alcohol health warning labels are a good idea: findings from the latest Global Drug Survey
Drink-driving and drinking while pregnant are socially unacceptable in many countries, yet when it comes to other alcohol-related health risks, public awareness is low.
Financial Times (UK) - Minimum alcohol price for England back under consideration
Proposals for a minimum unit price for alcohol in England are back on the table, five years after they were last rejected, a minister told the House of Commons on Tuesday.
Radio New Zealand (New Zealand) - Law change to put alcohol restrictions in local govt hands
The proposed change would require district licensing committees to consider all local alcohol guidelines before renewing an alcohol licence - including whether the retailer is near a newly opened school or church, even if it wasn't there during the initial application. (New Zealand) - Serving alcohol at school fundraisers may 'breach the rights of children'
Selling alcohol at some school fundraising events may violate the right of children in the eyes of the United Nations. That is the view of Hawke's Bay District Health Board, which has vowed to start opposing applications for alcohol sales at school functions where children are present.
ITV News - Hospital patients who abuse alcohol at higher risk of suicide says report
Patients admitted to hospital for alcohol-related reasons are 27 times more likely to commit suicide compared to non-alcohol related cases, according to a new report. (Ireland) - Alcohol advertising curbs 'may be against EU laws'
The European Commission has warned Health Minister Simon Harris that curbs on alcohol advertising appear to break EU laws.
Mother Jones - Alcohol Raises Cancer Risk. Does Quitting Lower It?
Alcohol is a carcinogen. As Mother Jones reported last month, alcohol-related cancers are estimated to kill about 20,000 Americans every year. That depressing news prompted some readers to announce that they would quit drinking.
The Phnom Penh Post (Cambodia) - Ministry bans positive portrayals of alcohol
The Minister of Information put out a statement on Monday ordering a ban on the broadcasting of karaoke songs, movies and videos that portray alcohol in a positive light. (Rwanda) - Rwanda: Experts Warn Against Excessive Alcohol Consumption
Economic development experts have warned that the rising alcohol consumption in a number of regional countries, including Rwanda, warrants attention as one of the emerging social problems.
Medical Xpress - Drinkers support clearer labelling on alcohol products
New research led by the University of Bristol has found that drinkers support clearer labelling of alcohol products, including the provision of unit, calorie and health information, which would address current gaps in public knowledge.
The Local Germany (Germany) - Germany should take drinking tips from Scotland, experts insist
On May 1st Scotland introduced a minimum price for alcohol, and now health experts in Germany are calling for their country to follow suit.
Medical Xpress - Alcohol-related cirrhosis patients are sicker, costlier and often female
More than one-third of cirrhosis cases are related to alcohol, a seven-year national study of more than 100 million privately insured people has found.
Irish Times (Ireland) - Ireland’s alcohol consumption policies to be held up as exemplar for others
The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is to hold up Ireland’s alcohol consumption policies as an exemplar for other developed countries.
The Dutch Institute for Alcohol Policy STAP has filed a complaint about an advertising commercial from Heineken and Samsung that was recorded in the Holland Heineken House in Gangneung in February 2018.

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