Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Alcohol News - 6/2018

New York Times (USA) - Far More U.S. Children Than Previously Thought May Have Fetal Alcohol Disorders
More American children than previously thought may be suffering from neurological damage because their mothers drank alcohol during pregnancy, according to a new study. (Scotland) - Scotland tackles alcohol crisis with minimum price law
The land of whisky is trying to kick its alcohol problem. Scotland will become the first country to impose minimum prices on booze when a new law takes effect on May 1.
ABC Online - Increasing risk of alcohol's long-term effects can start with just a few drinks every night
As alcohol is woven into daily routines and social lives, health authorities are warning that just a few drinks a night could actually be a form of chronic alcoholism. (Ireland) - Health Minister hits out at drinks industry 'efforts to scupper' Alcohol Bill
The Health Minister Simon Harris has told the Dáil that the drinks industry has been promoting myths about Ireland's alcohol consumption. (Netherlands) - Government targets alcohol abuse alongside obesity and smoking
A government drive aimed at lowering the number of people with a chronic disease will include measures to combat alcohol abuse, junior health minister Paul Blokhuis told parliament in a letter on Tuesday.
Central Western Daily (Australia) - Tough measures introduced for drug and alcohol-affected drivers
MID-RANGE drink-driving offenders will have to blow into a breathalyser to prove they are sober before turning the keys to their cars and the speed camera network on the state's roads will be turned on to catch people using their mobile phones behind the wheel as part of tough state government reforms announced on Tuesday.
European Commission (Sweden) - Commission decides that the Swedish intention to impose a ban on alcohol advertising on two UK broadcasters is not compatible with EU rules
The European Commission has decided, on the basis of the Audiovisual Media Services Directive (AVMSD), that the Swedish intention to impose their ban on alcohol advertising on two broadcasters based in the UK and broadcasting in Sweden is not compatible with EU law.
Irish Times (Ireland) - Link between alcohol and cancer emphasised by Government
Minister for Health Simon Harris has stressed the link between cancer and alcohol consumption as he prepares to bring the Public Health (Alcohol) Bill back before the Oireachtas this week. (Canada) - 'Pinking' of alcohol marketing spurs culture of 'wine moms,' says author Ann Dowsett Johnston
When it comes to women and drinking, sometimes a glass of wine isn't just a glass of wine, says journalist and author Ann Dowsett Johnston.
SBS (Australia) - High alcohol consumption during holiday season has led to rehab for many: expert
The hangover from the party season has left many Australians searching for rehab help, according to experts in the industry.
ERR News (Estonia) - Next alcohol excise duty hike enters into force
The excise duty on alcohol was increased in Estonia as of Thursday by half the initially planned amount.
Deutsche Welle (Turkey) - Fighting alcohol with taxes in Turkey
The Turkish government has introduced taxes to battle alcohol on religious grounds, to the annoyance of many citizens, especially in the cosmopolitan city of Istanbul. Some are resisting by brewing their own beer.
Clydebank Post - Alcohol playing key role in development of cancer and strokes
ALCOHOL is playing a key role in the development of cancer and strokes, a report has told. Analysis has revealed the extent to which the substance contributes to ill-health and admissions to hospital in Scotland.

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