Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Alcohol News - 36/2017

Fox News - Heart benefit of alcohol not seen in people with liver disease
Light to moderate drinkers may have a lower risk of heart disease than teetotalers, but a new study suggests this doesn't hold true for people with fatty liver disease.
Forbes - Alcohol May Affect Brain Function Differently In Men And Women
A new study presented at the European College of Neuropsychopharmacology conference this week finds that the brain cells of young men and women may be affected differently by chronic alcohol use.
Belfast Newsletter - 28% of adults can't enjoy holiday without alcohol
More than a quarter (28%) of adults find it "impossible" to enjoy a holiday without alcohol, according to a new study. (Australia) - Alcohol rising: ‘Australians drink about 680 bottles of beer a year’
FOR or the first time in nine years, alcohol consumption is up in Australia for the first time in nine years, with the average person aged more than 15 knocking back a combined total of 9.7 litres of pure alcohol in 2016, up from 9.52 litres in 2015.
The Sydney Morning Herald (Australia) - Study sparks call to change alcohol warning system
Warnings on alcoholic drinks do little to change the behaviour of younger drinkers, an Australian study has found.
EconomyNext (Sri Lanka) - Sri Lanka to review alcohol taxes; cut moonshine
Sri Lanka will review alcohol taxes to link excise levies with alcohol content, which will reduce the illicit alcohol industry, a government policy document has said, ending interventionist taxes that has been linked to corruption.
Glasgow Evening Times (Scotland) - Women still confused about safe level of alcohol during pregnancy
Experts say many women are still unaware about the risks of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder associated with prenatal drinking. (South Africa) - South Africa: Western Cape to Toughen Alcohol Controls
The six billion rand generated by the Western Cape alcohol industry is a paltry sum, not worth it when compared to the billions in lost revenue, and the deaths, violence and brain-damaged children that are a result of alcohol.
The row about alcohol and aviation has intensified, with the boss of Europe’s biggest budget airline telling The Independent that stag and hen parties who drink heavily before a flight pose a “threat to safety”.
The Nation (Thailand) - Fears alcohol tax may increase hard-liquor consumption
The Thai Health Promotion Foundation expressed concern yesterday that the new alcohol excise-tax structure would drive drinkers to consume more cheap white liquor at the expense of their health.
Hartford Courant - If You Drink, Consider Breast Cancer Link: Any Amount of Alcohol Heightens Risk, Study Concludes
Women in Connecticut and around the world might want to rethink at least the wine in light of findings from a global research study that suggest drinking any amount of alcohol raises a woman's risk of breast cancer.
Cambrian News (UK) - No-alcohol zones set to continue until at least 2020
NO-ALCOHOL zones in Aberystwyth, Lampeter and Cardigan will continue until at least 2020, despite changes to legislation that will see current public places orders coming to an end in October.
Business in Cameroon (Cameroon) - Alcohol consumption: Cameroonians rank behind Gabonese and Equatorial Guineans in CEMAC zone
Contrary to widespread belief, Cameroonians are not the largest alcohol consumers in Africa. According to a study that has just been published by the World Health Organisation (WHO), a study that calculates the numbers of litres of pure alcohol consumed by year and by inhabitant over the age of 15 years, Cameroon comes in 12th position in Africa, out of 49 countries concerned by the survey.
Irish Health (Ireland) - Alcohol is still leading addiction
The country's largest private addiction rehabilitation centre has said that alcohol is still the leading addiction it deals with, although treatment for gambling addiction is rising among men.

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