Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Alcohol News - 35/2017

EURACTIV (EU) - EU health chief says all alcoholic beverages should be labelled
The European Commission wants the industry’s expected alcohol labelling self-regulatory proposal to cover all alcoholic beverages in order to avoid confusion among consumers.
The Sun (Spain) - Magaluf shops told ‘hide all alcohol’ between midnight and 8am to stop boozy Brits causing mayhem
SHOPKEEPERS in Magaulf are being told to hide all alcohol from drunken tourists between midnight and 8am in a bid to stop boozy Brits causing mayhem.
Irish Mirror (Ireland) - Women can reach weekly booze limit for less than a fiver, alcohol group warns
A man can reach his weekly limit of 17 standard alcoholic drinks for €7.65 while a woman can do it for less than a fiver, it has been claimed.
Irish Examiner (Ireland) - Minister Harris to force limit on sale of alcohol
Health Minister Simon Harris will attempt to force through repeatedly blocked plans to restrict the sale and promotion of alcohol before Halloween — despite ongoing vocal opposition from within his own party, writes Fiachra Ó Cionnaith, Political Correspondent.
The Scottish Sun (Scotland/Lithuania) - Scotland fans set for shock ahead of Lithuania trip as alcohol is BANNED due to a public holiday
SCOTLAND fans are in for a shock when they arrive in Lithuania on Friday for the World Cup qualifier – alcohol sales are banned because of a public holiday.
Economic Times (Lithuania) - World's heaviest drinkers are waging a battle against alcohol
Inside a wooden shack next to a Vilnius church, a group of Lithuanian men and women talk about their dependence on alcohol. The moderator is Kestutis Dvareckas, a priest and a decade sober.
HuffPost (USA) - The Way Americans Drink Alcohol Is Changing And Experts Are Worried
Chrissy Teigen opened up earlier this week about struggling with drinking. While her description of her consumption didn’t necessarily meet the criteria of alcohol abuse, the celebrity admitted she was “drinking too much” and she’s now abstaining from booze for the time being. (Switzerland) - Swiss alcohol consumption hits 70-year low
The average Swiss drank 7.9 litres of pure alcohol last year, down from 8.1 litres in 2014 and 2015. That’s the lowest figure in over 70 years, reported the Swiss Alcohol Board on Thursday.
The Irish Sun (Ireland) - Olympic hero Kenneth Egan calls for ban on alcohol TV commercials until 10pm each night to tackle Ireland’s addiction battle
OLYMPIC boxing hero Kenneth Egan has called for a ban on TV alcohol advertisements in order to help the country knock out our growing addiction problem. - Mindfulness reduces alcohol consumption in heavy drinkers
Mindfulness is not a fad. The technique, which encourages people to focus on thoughts, sounds and sensations, is recommended by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) as a means of staving off depression.
The Local France (France) - Alcohol sales in France see biggest drop in a decade, study shows
French wine might be renowned the world over, but alcohol consumption in the country has seen its biggest decline in a decade, a new study shows.
The Scotsman (Scotland) - Alcohol labels fail to inform public of safe drinking limit
Alcohol brands are failing to inform the public of the drinking guidelines and provide health warnings on labels according to new research.
Deccan Chronicle - Study reveals 8 in 1,000 babies are born with alcohol-related birth defects
Beware mothers-to-be, drinking during pregnancy may harm your baby, as a study has recently revealed that globally eight in 1,000 babies are born with alcohol-related birth defects.
The Times (Ireland) - Third worst in the world for alcohol-hit newborns
Irish babies have the third highest rate of foetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) in the world, a study claims.
Herald live (South Africa) - SA has 14 times global average of foetal alcohol disorders
South Africa has the highest prevalence of foetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) in the world – more than 14 times the global average.
Indialivetoday - Alcohol consumption directly causes cancer in seven areas of human body, reveals new study...
The dangers associated with consuming alcohol have long been known. From the increased incidences of...
The Southern Reporter (UK) - Rise in kids admitted to A&E after drink binges
A Borders MSP has warned that work is still needed to be done to shake off the country’s culture of binge drinking after figures show an increase in the number of alcohol-related attendances at Borders General Hospital.

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