Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Alcohol News - 34/2015

BBC (Scotland) - Alcohol sales in Scotland increase
Alcohol sales in Scotland increased last year, according to the latest figures. An NHS report said the equivalent of 41 bottles of vodka or 114 bottles of wine per adult were sold in 2014.
Irish Examiner (Ireland) - Tourism can’t be ‘smokescreen’ for cheaper alcohol
That was the view of Alcohol Action Ireland as the drinks and hospitality industry met key tourism stakeholders yesterday at a roundtable discussion in Dublin.
BBC News (UK) - Elderly people warned over alcohol consumption
One in five people over 65 who drink is consuming an "unsafe" level of alcohol, say researchers. Experts warned that GPs were "less attuned" to drinking problems among elderly people.
New Zealand Herald (New Zealand) - Minister rejects call for alcohol sachet ban
Calls for a ban on alcohol sachets have been rejected by Justice Minister Amy Adams. An Eden Park group had urged the minister to ban the palm-sized alcohol sachets, saying they're regularly found scattered around the stadium grounds after big games.
The Times (Russia) - Alcohol and suicide to halve crisis-hit Russian population
Russia’s population is forecast to almost halve within a generation as deaths from suicide and alcoholism escalate and the birthrate falls against a background of economic decline.
Toronto Star (Canada) - Booze in supermarkets unfair to those with alcohol issues: Fiorito
The sale of booze in supermarkets is a nice idea of you like a drink; it’s hell on those who have trouble with their drinking. (UK) - Give us clearer alcohol labels: drinkers
Nearly half of British drinkers want clearer labelling of alcohol contents, while one in five people in the over 65 age group who drink alcohol consume “unsafe” levels, according to new research.
Radio Canada International (Canada) - Many young Canadians exceed alcohol guidelines
As young Canadians return to college and university, parents may be alarmed by news that more than 60 per cent of 18-24 year olds consistently drink above national alcohol guidelines.
India West (India) - Alcohol Use by Women Tied to Unintended Sexual Consequences, Warns Researcher
Alcohol consumption by young women may result in unexpected, unintended and unsafe sexual encounters, says a study led by an Indian American researcher.
Independent Online (South Africa) - Doubts about banning alcohol ads
The ANC has backtracked on a draft bill calling for the banning of alcohol advertising after intensive lobbying by the liquor industry.
Medical Xpress (Africa) - Polygamy and alcohol linked to physical abuse in African marriages
African women in polygamous marriages or with alcoholic husbands have a significantly higher risk of being physically abused by their husbands than women in monogamous marriages or women whose husbands don't abuse alcohol, new research shows.
Scotsman (Scotland) - Alcohol abuse ‘kills 20 Scots every week’
CHEAP drink has been blamed for a rise in alcohol-related deaths last year, as further calls were made for minimum unit pricing to tackle Scotland’s heavy drinking culture.

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