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Alcohol News - 18/2015

Sydney Morning Herald (Australia) - Australian alcohol consumption at 50-year low, ABS says
Australians appear to be drinking less alcohol now than at any time in the past 50 years, according to figures released on Wednesday by the Australian Bureau of Statistics. (New Zealand) - Alcohol and drug monitoring of offenders 'major infringement of liberty'
Continuous monitoring of the alcohol and drug use of offenders and people on bail is a "major infringement of liberty" and lacks judicial oversight, the Law Society says.
The Independent (UK) - Editorial: Alcohol consumption in area counties disturbing
With a dramatic increase in the legal sale of alcohol in this region in the last 15 years, it should not be too surprising to anyone to learn that area alcohol consumption has increased dramatically in recent years. However, we suspect that most area residents join us in being surprised to learn that alcohol consumption in three area counties — Lawrence, Martin and Elliott — increased at a faster rate than any other counties in the entire nation between 2005 and 2012.
CNBC - Sobering: China and Russia weigh on global alcohol sales
Sales growth in the global alcoholic drinks industry remained sluggish for the second year in a row in 2014, hit by slowing growth in China and a downturn in Russia, according to data released on Tuesday by Euromonitor International.
BBC News (Scotland) - Minimum alcohol pricing: European judges hear Scottish case
The European Court of Justice is to hear evidence from the Scottish government on its case for introducing a minimum unit price for alcohol.
Medical Daily - The Effects Drinking Alcohol On An Empty Stomach Have On Your Body
Total DUI, an organization that provides information to people recently arrested for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, put together this infographic to illustrate how alcohol travels through the body. With no food in the stomach, alcohol travels straight to the bloodstream. And as blood alcohol concentration rises, the loss of control increases.
University of Bristol - Glass shape influences speed at which we drink alcohol
The speed at which we drink alcohol could be influenced by the shape of the glass, and markings on the glass might help us drink more slowly, according to new research from the University of Bristol, presented today at the British Psychological Society Annual Conference in Liverpool.
Daily Mail (UK) - Football fans set to face alcohol breath tests before games in bid to stop drunken supporters ruining matches for others
Football fans are to be breathalysed before games in a crackdown on drunken rowdy supporters at matches.
New Vision (Uganda) - Adverts drawing teenagers into drinking
Advertisements promoting alcohol consumption are drawing Ugandan teenagers into drinking and exposing them to HIV, a study conducted by the Uganda Youth Development Link (UYDEL) and Georgia State University in the US shows.
The Guardian (Australian) - Alcohol research finds Australians support greater restrictions on industry
Four out of five Australians believe pubs, clubs and bars should close by 3am, while more than half believe governments are not doing enough to reduce alcohol-related harms, a comprehensive annual alcohol poll has found.
YLE News (Finland) - Finnish peacekeepers facing closer scrutiny over alcohol use
Finnish peacekeepers on active duty may be slapped with an alcohol ban if they continue to violate standing regulations. According to the regional daily Keskisuomalainen, the number of alcohol-related offences committed while on duty has more than doubled during the past year.
Science 2.0 - Most People Don't Think About The Calories Of Alcohol
Fiona Sim, Chair of the UK Royal Society for Public Health, writes that while adults who drink may be getting as much as 10% of their daily calories from alcohol, most people are unaware drinking contributes to their energy intake.
Daily Mail - How thermal cameras could be used to catch drink drivers: Algorithm spots changes in the face caused by an 'alcohol flush'
Memories of drunken escapades may make us blush, but now a computer can use similar facial flushes to recognise people who have had one drink too many.
Medical Daily - Social Impact Of Drinking May Damage Your Life More Than Alcohol's Physical Effects
Drinking can damage your health and your life, but in how many ways? A new study from CU-Boulder’s Institute of Behavioral Science explores the social and psychological impact of drinking.
Irish Medical Times (Ireland) - Government provides €1m for alcohol awareness
The Government is to provide €1 million in funding to increase public awareness of alcohol-related harm, Irish Medical Times reports.
Irish Medical Times (Ireland) - Ireland can lead the world on alcohol control
Lloyd Mudiwa summarises the RCPI Policy Group on Alcohol’s detailed Submission on the Public Health (Alcohol) Bill 2015, which urges the Government to blaze the trail in the global fight against alcoholism.

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