Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Alcohol News - 44/2014 (UK) - One in four young people in Briton never drink alcohol
According to a new report, one in four 16-30 year olds in England do not drink alcohol at all. They said they prefer to use the internet than go out drinking.
Times of India - Alcohol more injurious to women than men
Woman who find alcohol hard to resist even after three standard drinks are more likely to suffer from injury when compared with men, shows new research that includes patients from India.
Daily Mail (UK) - Over-60s drink twice as often as teens: Older people more likely to have alcohol in the evening whereas younger generation only drink at weekends
The over-60s drink twice as often as adults in their teens and twenties, a survey has found. They are inclined to enjoy a gin and tonic or few glasses of wine of an evening whereas younger generations just drink at weekends.
Business Standard (Singapore) - Singapore plans to restrict public consumption of alcohol
Singapore plans to restrict public consumption of alcohol and reduce hours for its retail sales from early next year, apparently following up on the country's worst riots in four decades in Little India precinct last year after the death of an Indian national.
BBC News - 'Stronger warnings needed' over pregnant women drinking
Campaigners and doctors are calling for stronger warnings about drinking during pregnancy, ahead of a legal test case on foetal alcohol syndrome.
BBC News - Alcohol calorie content: Labels needed, say doctors
Alcohol should have a calorie content label in order to reduce obesity, according to public health doctors.
The Canberra Times (Australia) - How many calories are in a glass of wine?
Leading surgeons are lobbying to get weight loss surgery made available through the public health system. In the Medical Journal of Australia yesterday, surgeons Michael Edye and Michael Talbot claim it's the best treatment option for some.
The Independent (UK) - ‘Urgent action’ needed to halt alcohol abuse in armed forces
Dangerous levels of alcohol consumption are “the norm” in the armed forces and the link between drinking and higher rates of violence among veterans must be investigated, MPs have warned.
BBC News (India) - India's Kerala High Court upholds alcohol ban
The Kerala High Court has upheld the state government's decision to ban the sale and consumption of alcohol to tackle the state's drink problem.
Poughkeepsie Journal (USA) - Study: Fetal alcohol disorder may be on the rise
Although drinking during pregnancy has long been considered taboo, new research suggests that as many as one in 20 U.S. children may have health or behavioral problems related to alcohol exposure before birth.
Medical Daily - How Alcohol Abuse Changes Physical Appearance Over 20-Year Span, With Help From Online Tool
We all know excess drinking can bring on plenty of damaging health issues, such as liver disease and mental health problems, but it can also take a toll on your physical appearance.
Read more and original study at (UK) - Rising numbers seek NHS help for alcohol problems
Rising numbers of people are receiving NHS treatment for alcohol problems, new figures show.
Medical News Today - Teen binge drinking linked to long-term brain changes
Binge drinking - defined as men consuming five or more drinks and women drinking four or more drinks in 2 hours - is a serious problem in the US.
New Zealand Herald (New Zealand) - Lower alcohol limit for drivers one month away
With just a month to go until a new lower alcohol limit for adult drivers comes into effect, police and road safety agencies are reminding drivers of the impending change. (Croatia) - Croatia tops European alcoholism black list
Alcohol remains the biggest social problem in Croatia, putting the country, with about 200,000 alcoholics and 12.8 litres of pure alcohol drunk per capita, at the top of the rankings in Europe, and alcoholism is closely followed by addiction to narcotics and gambling.

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