Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Alcohol News - 24/2014

Fox News (USA) - Alaska to offer free pregnancy tests in bars to curb fetal alcohol syndrome
As the state with the highest rates of fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) in the U.S., Alaska is introducing a new campaign aimed at preventing pregnant women from drinking, the Anchorage Daily News reported. Starting in December, pregnancy tests will be placed in the bathrooms of 20 bars and restaurants across the state.
DestinyConnect - Alcohol more damaging to women
If you’re just a weekend drinker, or one that unwinds with a glass of wine at the end of every day, you may be doing more harm to your body than you realise. Most women don’t realise that females are at a higher risk of developing alcohol-related diseases than men.
Medical News Today - Study reveals molecular mechanism behind alcohol-related brain damage
It has been well documented that heavy alcohol use can cause damage to the brain. But for the first time, researchers from the University of the Basque Country in Spain and the University of Nottingham in the UK reveal the structural brain damage alcohol abuse can cause at a molecular level.
ABC Local (Australia) - Forum reveals cheap and easy access to alcohol a 'major community concern'
Hosted by the Kalgoorlie Local Drug Action Group (KLDAG), about 40 community members and 20 health professionals convened to discuss the problem and possible solutions to alcohol abuse in the Goldfields.
The Guardian (UK) - Alcohol firms funding charities in order to gain political influence, claims study
Alcohol firms are adopting contentious tactics pioneered by the tobacco industry by funding charities in order to gain influence inside government, researchers claim in a new study published on Tuesday. - Underage Drinkers Binge-Drink Bud Light More Than Any Other Alcohol Brand
Bud Light is the most popular brand for underage binge-drinking, accounting for more than 13 percent of consumption, according to a study by researchers at Boston University and Johns Hopkins. The total is nearly double that of Jack Daniel’s bourbons, which was the second most popular at 7 percent.
Straits Times (Singapore) - About 8 in 10 support limiting alcohol sales and public consumption: Survey
About eight in 10 people who commented in a survey last year support having no-alcohol zones in public places and limiting when shops can sell alcohol for consumption outside of the premises.
Channel News Asia (Singapore) - MHA seeks feedback on ways to restrict sale, consumption of alcohol
The Ministry of Home Affairs on Monday launched the second phase of its public consultation exercise to restrict the sale and consumption of liquor.
Digital Trends - Beyond breathalyzers: a new laser device can remotely detect alcohol vapor in cars
It’s fairly easy to tell that the guy doing 95 while peeing out of the sunroof is probably a bit too wasted to be piloting a motor vehicle, but pretty soon, people won’t even have to drive like buffoons to get caught driving drunk. (Brazil) - Alcohol industry wins, public health loses at World Cup 2014
Brazil may be favored to win the 2014 World Cup, which begins on Thursday, but the real winner will be the alcohol industry — and the real loser will be public health — according to a troubling article published today in the BMJ (formerly known as the British Medical Journal).
BBC News (Scotland) - Tracking Scotland's attitudes to alcohol
The Scottish Social Attitudes Survey 2013, which has just been released, questioned 1,500 adults about their views on alcohol.
Colombia Reports (Colombia) - Colombia alcohol ban in place ahead of presidential election
A 36-hour alcohol ban took force in Colombia on Saturday 6PM, one day before the polls open for the second round of Colombia’s presidential elections.
New Zealand Herald (New Zealand) - Call for ban on new liquor stores
A two-year ban on new liquor stores in Auckland's CBD is being proposed by the council in its newly released draft alcohol policy.

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