Monday, January 20, 2014

Alcohol News -3/2014 (USA) - Obama: Pot is not more dangerous than alcohol
President Barack Obama said he doesn’t think marijuana is more dangerous than alcohol, ‘‘in terms of its impact on the individual consumer.’’
Sydney Morning Herald (Australia) - Alcohol sales: Experts call for figures to be publicised
Hundreds of millions of litres of alcohol are swallowed in Australia each year but the NSW government has no idea how much is consumed in its own backyard.
SBS (Australia) - NSW cabinet bunkers down on alcohol issue
NSW Premier Barry O'Farrell is expected to announce a plan to curb alcohol-fuelled violence after taking it to cabinet on Monday.
Fox News (USA) - Alcohol consumption is the direct cause of 80,000 yearly deaths in the Americas
Alcohol consumption is the direct cause of nearly 80,000 deaths in the Americas each year, according to a new study. Published in the journal Addiction, the study analyzed yearly mortality rates from 16 countries in North and Latin America. The researchers focused on deaths that were specifically attributed to alcohol, meaning death would not have occurred without some form of alcohol consumption.
New Post Leader (UK) - Alcohol is costing us over £120m
New figures have revealed that alcohol is costing Northumberland more than £120m a year. According to Balance, the North East Alcohol Office, booze problems are costing the county’s workplace and wider economy £54.2m annually.
The Guardian (USA) - Alcohol consumption higher in more liberal US states, study shows
Becoming more liberal is enough to turn you to drink – at least, according to scientists. As populations in America become less conservative their overall alcohol consumption, in particular of beer and spirits, rises, a study into the relationship between drink and politics over almost half a century has revealed.
Medical News Today - How drinking the legal limit of alcohol impairs vision by 30%
Having a designated driver on hand while drinking is an important part of being responsible on the road. Though blood alcohol concentration restrictions are imposed on drivers, how is our vision affected when we are under this limit? Researchers in Canada set out to answer this question and found that our vision is impaired by up to 30% - before we even hit the legal limit.
TIME - Mashed Up Memory: How Alcohol Speeds Memory Loss in Men
Middle aged men who drink 2.5 drinks per day may accelerate memory loss by six years, according to a new study.
Helsinki Times (Finland) - Minister Huovinen wishes to tighten alcohol taxation
The availability of alcohol must see new restrictions, says Minister of Health and Social Services Susanna Huovinen. The threat of restrictions is worrisome for the brewery and restaurant industries, which have actively lobbied against the changes.
The Guardian (Australia) - Australia, we need to talk about alcohol
Australia has already demonstrated that changes in drug culture are possible by drastically reducing our number of smokers. We need to follow suit with alcohol and further educate drinkers.
Daily News & Analysis - Alcohol does not just gives you a kick, it can also give you cancer: Lancet/WHO
Tipplers beware: Alcohol leads to cancer of the mouth, throat, and food pipe. Prestigious international medical journal Oral Oncology has said it in its latest edition for the first time. (EU) - EU action plan 'ignores' decades of scientific advancement in alcohol policy
I recently took part in several discussions in Brussels with health commissioner Tonio Borg and the alcohol and health forum. In these discussions the new action plan on alcohol, prepared by DG sanco, was one of the addressed topics. With regard to these discussions, I would like to raise awareness on my disappointment in relation to the new priority of 'young people, binge drinking and heavy drinking'.
The Santiago Times (Chile) - 2,000 Chileans die each year directly due to alcohol, study says
Chile sits above the average for the Americas in the rate of deaths directly caused by drink, with liver disease dominating a death list that includes neuropsychological disorders, alcohol poisoning and acute pancreatitis.
The Age (Australia) - Binge drinking: youth's relationship to alcohol being reshaped by rapid social change
With the state cabinet on Monday to discuss what extra measures could be adopted to tackle the cocktail of excessive alcohol consumption and street violence, it is clear the issue is not peculiar to NSW.
Daily Mail (UK) - Why boozy Britain is the gout capital of Europe: One in 40 diagnosed with condition
Our love of alcohol and reliance on junk food has made Britain into the country worst affected by gout in Europe, researchers claim. A record one in 40 people in the UK have been diagnosed with the painful arthritic disorder that famously afflicted Henry VIII – bringing the total number of patients with the condition to around 1.5million.
NBC 7 San Diego (USA) - Study: "Minimally Buzzed" Drivers Often Cause Fatal Crashes
A new study on traffic accidents released by UC San Diego Thursday reveals that “minimally buzzed” drivers – including those with a very low 0.01 blood-alcohol level, well below the legal limit of 0.08 – are often to blame for fatal car crashes. (UK) - Government accused of burying alcohol data
A controversy over cheap alcohol has made a mockery of government boasts about open data, ministers have been warned.

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