Monday, December 16, 2013

Alcohol News - 50/2013

Bangkok Post (Thailand) - Call for alcohol ban on trains
Anti-alcohol activists on Monday called for a ban on alcohol sales on trains arguing that passengers who drink irritate and sexually harass other travellers.
CNN - James Bond at risk of early death from alcohol, study says
The British spy James Bond may routinely get himself out of dangerous situations with skill and charm, but his body may be suffering all the while because of his drinking habits. British researchers predict he could die from alcohol-related causes, such as liver damage, by age 56.
The Guardian (Australia) - Getting drunk should be frowned on, police say after 1,000 weekend arrests
Drinking to get drunk in Australia needs to become as socially unacceptable as smoking and drink driving, police declared after arresting about 1,000 people over the weekend for alcohol-related offences.
Herald Scotland (Scotland) - Celtic captain Brown urges Scots to give up alcohol for cancer charity fundraiser
The footballer is sponsoring his brother Stewart to become a "dryathlete" for the whole of January in support of the Cancer Research UK Dryathlon campaign.
Massey News (New Zealand) - Re-thinking supplying alcohol to under-18s
New research released by Massey University urges friends and family supplying alcohol to under-18s to re-think their motives as new legislation comes into force. (Ireland) - Shoppers still going to Northern Ireland for cheap food and alcohol
THE DAYS OF long queues of cars from the Republic queuing outside border shopping centres may be gone, but travelling to Northern Ireland for bargains is still happening. (Uzbekistan) - Alcohol prices rise in Uzbekistan
From January 1, 2014 Uzbekistan will increase the minimum wholesale and retail prices of alcoholic beverages (except beer), a joint decree by the Finance Ministry and the State Tax Committee of the Republic said.
Fox News (USA) - Binge drinking rates lower in states with strong alcohol policies
States with lower rates of binge drinking have stronger policies toward alcohol, a new study suggests. This is the first study to relate alcohol policies within each U.S. state to the levels and likelihood of binge drinking in adults.
Salt Lake Tribune (USA) - Holiday campaign warns Utahns to keep alcohol away from children
Utahns who buy wine, beer and spirits for the holidays can expect to get an extra holiday greeting — signs and posters reminding them to keep kids alcohol-free.
Channel News Asia (Singapore) - Alcohol ban hits businesses in Little India
Businesses in Little India have taken a hit since the alcohol ban was implemented on Saturday. And it's not just affecting shops which sell liquor. Fruit and vegetable sellers are feeling the heat on the second day of the liquor ban in Little India.
Press-Enterprise - Alcohol during pregnancy changes brain anatomy
A UC Riverside researcher has shown that exposure to alcohol during pregnancy not only affects a baby’s birth weight and behavior but also changes the way the brain is wired.
International Business Time (Myanmar) - Myanmar Intensifies Crackdown On Imported Alcohol, Causes Shortage
Myanmar is clamping down on illegal alcohol imports, sparking unrest among retailers including the nation’s largest supermarket chain, City Mart.
Jakarta Post (Indonesia) - Tackling Indonesia’s black market alcohol problem
In August and September of this year, at least 52 people lost their lives after consuming illicit alcohol tainted with methanol in Indonesia.
The Guardian (Australia) - Alcohol and drug council’s financial difficulties ‘caused by government’
The government is itself responsible for the “financial difficulties” it cited when it axed funding for the Alcohol and Other Drugs Council of Australia (Adca), according to the council’s chief executive. (UK) - Children of ’60s more likely to need alcohol and drugs treatment
Shock figures show drink or drugs can account for nearly one in five emergency cases involving 40-somethings.
The Voice of Russia (Russia) - Russia's alcohol consumption down by 13 percent
Russia's government has been trying to tackle the problem of excessive alcohol consumption among its population. And figures just out, show it is having considerable success. Due to policy measures by the government, overall consumption has gone down by 13 percent this year. VoR’s Dasha Chernyshova reports.
Medical Xpress (UK) - 17 million Brits set to cut down on alcohol following last year's Christmas hangovers
Over a third (35 per cent) of Brits, equating to over 17 million people, plan to cut down on alcohol this Christmas after regretting some of their drunken behaviour from last year's festive party season, according to a new poll from Cancer Research UK's Dryathlon.
MaltaToday (Malta) - Think before you drink and drive
The annual 'Don't drink and drive' campaign run by government and other agancies including Sedqa was launched today by the health minister Godfrey Farrugia and social affairs minister Marie Louise Coleiro Preca.
Hull Daily Mail (UK) - 24-hour drinking culture a 'colossal disaster' says Hull medical expert
A LEADING medical expert says the relaxation of licensing laws has been a "colossal disaster". Tom Phillips, a consultant nurse in addiction at the Humber NHS Foundation Trust, spoke out after new figures revealed a nine per cent increase in people being treated for alcohol problems in East Riding over the past 12 months.
Glasgow South and Eastwood Extra (Scotland) - Study shows the cost of alcohol pricing
AN NHS report has linked the affordability of alcohol to persistent high death rates in Scotland. A total of three fifths of off-sales alcohol is sold below the Scottish government’s proposed minimum price of 50 pence per unit.

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