Monday, September 23, 2013

Alcohol News - 38/2013

News in English (Norway) - Winning leaders tackle the issues
This is another issue where the Progress Party and the Christian Democrats are as diametrically opposed as they are on asylum and immigration issues. The Christian Democrats claim they can’t accept any further liberalization of rules restricting access to alcohol (through serving times in bars and restaurants, opening hours at the state-controlled retailer Vinmonopolet and rules over when other stores are allowed to sell beer), nor will they lower taxes on beer, wine and liquor.
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Statistics Norway (Norway) - Health, care and social relations, survey on living conditions, 2012
Has the focus on a healthier lifestyle and better health in recent years made any difference? National figures on health behaviour show that daily smoking has decreased, and that more people are physically active. As far as alcohol consumption and being overweight are concerned, the picture is unchanged.
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Sveriges Radio (Sweden) - Home delivery of alcohol to expand
Home delivery of alchohol from state-owned alcohol retailer Systembolaget, a service which was initiated on a trial basis about one year ago, will be extended and made available in four provinces, including all of Stockholm and Skåne in October.
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Psychiatric News (Sweden) - Early-Onset Dementia Linked To Alcohol Abuse, Other Factors
In this nationwide cohort study, researchers identify nine risk factors for dementia that could be traced to adolescence, suggesting strong opportunities for early intervention.
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Julkari (Finland) - Alcohol Policy Changes and Trends in Adolescent Drinking in Finland from 1981 to 2011
Alcohol policy changes between 1981 and 2011 seem not to have had noticeable influence on alcohol drinking or drunkenness among the under-aged in Finland.
Eurocare (Lithuania) - We can all do more to reduce the impact of alcohol use in pregnancy- says Commissioner Borg
Eurocare has held a successful event in the European Parliament earlier this week (Tuesday 17th September). The event was kindly hosted by MEPs Vincas Paleckis and Radvile Morkunaite-Mikuleniene from Lithuania.
City News (Canada) - Panel supports conditional sentences for people with fetal alcohol disorder
A panel on legal issues facing people with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder is recommending conditional sentences would be better for those convicted of offences.
BreakingNews (Ireland) - Doctors slam Arthur's Day ahead of talks on Ireland's alcohol problem
Doctors have attacked the upcoming Arthur's Day event organised by Diageo to promote Guinness.
Daily Telegraph - Red Bull 'influences' alcohol research, academic claims in British Medical Journal
THE potential harm caused by energy drinks mixed with alcohol is being downplayed by research funded by the energy drink industry, an Australian academic claims in the latest edition of the British Medical Journal.
Huffington Post - Gun Violence And Alcohol: Study Finds Proximity To Liquor Store Increases Chances Of Being Shot In Chicago
The city of Chicago has been plagued by horrific incidences of gun violence, as more and more lives have been claimed, particularly in the city's south and west sides.
Express (UK) - Police release drink-drive audio warning
The devastating effects of alcohol are being made clear ina hard-hitting audio recording released by West Yorkshire Police.
Zee News (india) - Alcohol-related deaths on the rise!
At a time when alcohol-related deaths are on the rise, the suggestion of Swami Agnivesh to ban alcohol sale in India could prove to be the perfect elixir for the problem. Alarmingly, the number of alcohol-related deaths has witnessed a sharp rise of nearly 21 per cent in 2012 over the corresponding period last year.
Eyewitness News (South Africa) - Alcohol at the forefront of high crime
CAPE TOWN – Provincial Police Commissioner Arno Lamoer said on Wednesday he remains dedicated to pushing crimes levels down in the Western Cape.
Telemanagement - Alcohol’s Red Face Linked to Cancer Risk
It has been found that this flushing after drinking alcohol puts people at higher risk than those who do not have the flushing affect after alcohol consumption.

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