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Alcohol News - 24/2013

Valtioneuvosto (Finland) - Minister Huovinen: Harm caused by alcohol can be reduced
Use of alcohol and the harm caused by it have been successfully reduced in Finland in recent years through the cooperation of different branches of administration.
HealthCanal (Denmark) - More elderly people drink to excess
Increasing number of elderly people are drinking so much on a daily basis that it has to be regarded as alcohol abuse. This is evident in Denmark’s treatment centres, which report a growing incidence of problem drinkers over 60.
theforeigner (Norway) - Norway opposition eyes binning the farm alcohol taboo
Alcohol laws are due for another possible shake-up if Rightists gain power at the forthcoming general election. Good news for Norway’s tourist industry, it seems.
Sámi NissonForum - SNF Project “Let’s learn to live without alcohol”
The SNF- Sámi Women’s Forum project “Let’s learn to live without alcohol” 2009-2012, finished January 2013. Recommend to be supported at the Indigenous People’s Confernce Alta 2013.
Finland Times (Finland) – Restriction on alcohol advertisement on cards
The Health and Social Services Minister, Susanna Huovinen, on Monday said that the authorities have successfully been able to bring down alcohol consumption in the country by 10 per cent in recent years and thus to reduce harms caused by it.
The Lithuania Tribune (Lithuania) - Report: Alcohol and cigarette consumption in Lithuania in 2012
The average per capita consumption of alcohol in Lithuanian last year rose to 13 litres of legal absolute alcohol, 0.3 litres more than in 2011, preliminary figures from Statistics Lithuania showed on Monday.
The Lithuania Tribune (Lithuania) - Prime Minister: Excise increase on light alcoholic beverages will not encourage smuggling
Lithuania’s Prime Minister Algirdas Butkevičius said that the Government’s provisioned increase of excise rate on light alcoholic beverages will not be an excuse to encourage smuggling, the Baltic Course informed, referring to the news agency ELTA. (Lithuania) - Lithuanians smoke less but drink more, statistics show
Annual per capita consumption of legal cigarettes in Lithuania fell to 45 packs last year, down by one pack from 46 packs in 2011, figures from Statistics Lithuania show.
Globe and Mail (Canada) - Defence department sets strict guidelines on anniversary alcohol
The Canadian Army is all for its soldiers raising a glass to toast upcoming milestones, as long as nobody thinks there’s a product endorsement going on.
Calgary Herald - Alcohol advertising aimed at women increasingly affecting young girls, medical journal says
A medical journal is raising concerns about alcohol advertising, saying young girls are being influenced by the ads. The editorial in this week's issue of the Canadian Medical Association Journal says health warnings should be embedded in alcohol ads, so that young girls understand the risks of drinking.
Deccan Herald (India) - Total ban on alcohol sought
The women’s wing of the Karnataka Pradesh Congress Committee demanded on Saturday that the Karnataka government impose a total ban on liquor in the State.
Irish Post (Ireland) - ‘I resent Ireland’s culture around alcohol’
LONDON-IRISH charity Mind Yourself will shine a light on the relationship that Irish people have with alcohol tonight.
The Guardian (UK) - Alcohol-related liver disease patients deserve better care, says report
Hospital staff are taking a dismissive attitude towards patients who have alcohol-related liver disease and lives could be needlessly lost, a review of patient deaths has reported.
Sky News (Scotland) - Charity Calls For Ban On Alcohol Advertising
A charity has called for a complete ban on alcohol advertising at music and sports events. Alcohol Concern wants the action to protect children and young people from what it describes as "excessive" exposure.
Irish Mirror (Ireland) - Sport booze ban plan gets rejected by Dail committee
The Government’s plans to ban alcohol companies sponsoring sports games took a blow yesterday as a Dail committee rejected the proposals.
Radio Prague (Chech Republic) - Police pushing for ban on online alcohol sales
The police are pushing for a ban on the sale of alcohol over the internet in the Czech Republic, which last year saw dozens of deaths caused by illegally produced spirits.
Jerusalem Post (Israel) - Ministry to reexamine alcohol prices after tax hike
The Finance Ministry on Wednesday told The Jerusalem Post it will seek ways to reexamine alcohol prices following an outcry over its decision to raise alcohol taxes six months earlier and higher than planned.
PR Web - Study Shows Alcohol Abusers Cannot Depend on Their Designated Drivers
According to a recent study, 40% of designated drivers were actually drinking themselves the same evening. Those with an alcohol addiction should check into a professional detox center like Harbor Village and get the safe, effective help needed for recovery.
ITV News (UK) - Kids 'know alcohol brands better than ice cream brands'
A charity has urged the UK's advertising regulators to review the rules that limit children from being exposed to alcohol advertising on TV.
FRANCE 24 (Turkey) - Turkish president approves bill restricting alcohol sales
Turkish President Abdullah Gül has approved a controversial bill restricting the sale and advertising of alcohol. The new restrictions were one of the reasons people have taken to the streets as part of the Taksim Square protests.

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