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FASD News - 5/2013

NEWS and ARTICLES (Canada) - P.E.I. study shows surprising fetal alcohol disorder numbers
A new study gives Prince Edward Island health-care workers an indication of how many Island women may be drinking heavily during pregnancy. For one year, health officials collected a sample from the first bowel movement of nearly every baby born on P.E.I.
7th Space Interactive (Australia) - A modified Delphi study of screening for fetal alcohol spectrum disorders in Australia
There is little reliable information on the prevalence of fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD) in Australia and no coordinated national approach to facilitate case detection. The aim of this study was to identify health professionals'perceptions about screening for FASD in Australia.MethodA modified Delphi process was used to assess perceptions of the need for, and the process of, screening for FASD in Australia.
ABC Kimberley (Australia) - Lack of information and support for FASD foster carers
A new study through the Telethon Institute for Child and Health Research looks into the experience of foster carers looking after children with FASD.
Daily Republic (USA) - Johnson reintroduces fetal alcohol spectrum disorders bill
Sen. Tim Johnson was one of three senators who reintroduced the Advancing FASD Research, Prevention, and Services Act to improve research, prevention, and services for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD).

UCAdoption - Adopting a Child with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS)
Are you considering adopting a child living with FAS? This video created by the University of Chicago Adoption Center helps you to better understand the disease and answers questions often asked by prospective parents.
Whirlwind of Life FASD
NeuroDevNet - Public Forum on FASD: How Much is Too Much
Telethon Institute (Australia) - New FASD report
Our researchers have completed a review of current resources aimed at helping parents and carers of people with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) in Australia.

Annals of Family Medicine - Clinician Suspicion of an Alcohol Problem: An Observational Study From the AAFP National Research Network
Clinician suspicion of alcohol problems had poor sensitivity but high specificity for identifying patients who had a positive screening test for alcohol problems. These data support the routine use of a screening tool to supplement clinicians’ suspicions, which already provide reasonable positive predictive value.
Substance Abuse Treatment, prevention and Policy - Changes in alcohol use and relationship satisfaction in Norwegian couples during pregnancy
Numerous studies have documented a profound reduction in alcohol use among pregnant women, whereas research on expectant fathers has been scarce.
The Journal of Neuroscience - Moderate Prenatal Alcohol Exposure Reduces Plasticity and Alters NMDA Receptor Subunit Composition in the Dentate Gyrus
Using a limited access, voluntary consumption paradigm, we recently demonstrated that moderate prenatal alcohol exposure (MPAE) is associated with dentate gyrus-dependent learning and memory deficits that are manifested in adulthood.
Andrologia - Effect of alcohol intake and cigarette smoking on sperm parameters and pregnancy
Much has been published about smoking and alcohol intake influencing male fertility, sperm parameters and reproductive outcome. However, there is no conclusive agreement about the effects of cigarette smoking and alcohol use on these outcomes and thus no generally accepted guidelines.
BMC Pregnancy Childbirth - Behavioural change in relation to alcohol exposure in early pregnancy and impact on perinatal outcomes - a prospective cohort study
There has been limited research addressing whether behavioural change in relation to alcohol exposure in pregnancy results in better perinatal outcomes.
Drug Alcohol Rev - Maternal factors associated with heavy periconceptional alcohol intake and drinking following pregnancy recognition: A post-partum survey of New Zealand women
To reduce the burden of alcohol-related harm to the foetus, these findings suggest that New Zealand alcohol policy should be focused not only on promoting total abstinence when planning a pregnancy and when pregnant, but also on reducing 'binge drinking' culture and the frequent consumption of lower levels of alcohol.

Boyens Zeitungen (Germany) - Boyens Zeitungen
Nebenan klärten Petra Jasper und Annika Thomsen vom FASD (Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder) über die Folgen von Alkoholkonsum während der Schwangerschaft auf und lieferten schockierende Zahlen: "Weniger als zehn Prozent der Schwangeren sind abstinent."
Głos Wielkopolski (Poland) - Stowarzyszenie chciało pomóc dzieciom, ale urzędnicy z UMWW odrzucili ofertę
40 dzieci, niepełnosprawnych i z rodzin dotkniętych uzależnieniami, miało wziąć udział w przedświątecznych zajęciach terapeutycznych w Poznaniu.

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