Monday, January 14, 2013

Alcohol News - 2/2013

YLE uutiset (Finland) - Alcohol lobbyists want law changed
January is traditionally a drier month after the Christmas indulgence. Big breweries and retailers, however, want more freedom to tempt abstinent customers into a tipple.
The Foreigner (Norway) - Norway Rightists say ‘no time, gentlemen, please’
The Progress Party (FrP) emphasises the next parliamentary period is ripe for a more consumer-friendly alcohol policy.
Tispol (Sweden) - Arne Winerdal discusses drink-driving and safety in Sweden
We have been fighting for a sober traffic in Sweden all these years and we have been rather successful. MHF pushed the Members of Parliament to vote for a law already in 1989 for a maximum allowance of alcohol in traffic to be set at 0.2g/l. I have been the CEO of MHF since spring 2012.
China Daily (China) - Hainan bans alcohol at official receptions
Hainan province has banned alcohol ban at official receptions, the People's Daily reported on Jan 15. Over the past few years, authorities in Hainan province have issued rules regulating the consumption of alcohol among civil servants. - It Takes A Village to Curb Teenage Alcohol Use
Living in a caring community may help curb teenage alcohol use, according to new research. For the study, researchers at Penn State evaluated how seven categories of risk and protective factors can predict teen alcohol use. (Scotland) - Legal challenge against minimum alcohol pricing in Scotland kicks off this week
A legal challenge to the Scottish Government’s plan for minimum pricing on alcohol kicks off this week in Edinburgh, with the Scotch Whisky Association (SWA) claiming it would break UK and European Union law.
Radio New Zealand (New Zealand) - Police boss believes alcohol behind most crime
Police Commissioner Peter Marshall says solving the country's alcohol problems would get rid of most criminal offending, and education and legislation are needed to achieve this. (UK) - Alcohol companies 'encourage drinking on Facebook'
Alcohol companies are using Facebook to encourage drinking, undermining a government drive they signed up for, experts warn.
Daily Nation (Kenya) - Bar owners to sue if MPs pass alcohol law
Bar owners have threatened to go to court if the proposed alcoholic drinks control law is implemented. The traders have opposed proposals by Naivasha MP John Mututho to ban sale of alcoholic beverages two days to the General Election.
Daily Mail (UK) - Is alcohol ageing YOU? Deep wrinkles, red skin and chubby cheeks... new app shows the long-term effects alcohol has on looks - and it's not a pretty sight
Whether it's meeting up with friends for cocktails after work, enjoying a drink with an evening meal or having a glass of wine at home to unwind after a busy day, modern women are consuming more alcohol than ever.
Daily News & Analysis - Revealed: Effects of alcohol on sex life
Experts have analysed what a cocktail or glass of wine, which can help us relax and even feel a little 'sexier', actually does to our sex life.
TopNews New Zealand (Australia) - Indonesian Foreign Affairs Dept Warns Australians about Alcohol
A Perth teenager lost its life after having alcohol-based drink in Indonesia. Controversy took place as people demanded security when they travel to other countries across the globe.
BBC News (Wales) - Nurses in Wales to give patients advice after drink injuries
Nurses are being put on the front line of fighting the growing tide of binge drinking and alcohol related injuries and illnesses in Wales.
TheSouthAfrican (South Africa) - ‘No evidence’ for Sky claim that SA women drink to harm babies
According to Africa Check, there is little in the way of hard evidence to back up the claim in a Sky News report that mothers in one of South Africa’s poorest areas are drinking heavily to deliberately damage their unborn babies – just so that they can claim the disability benefit
FRANCE 24 (USA) - Binge drinking serious problem for US women: study
Binge drinking is an under-recognized problem for US women, nearly 14 million of whom engage in it about three times a month, downing about six drinks each time, says a study released Tuesday.

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