Monday, December 31, 2012

Alcohol News - last in 2012

Daily Nation (Kenya) - Alcohol turning our children into zombies!
Up to the late 1970s, it was rare to encounter a young man staggering home or lying by the roadside dead drunk. These days, it is more common to spot young people in a drunken stupor than elderly persons.
Independent Online (South Africa) - 'Alcohol the enemy of all drivers'
Transport authorities have slated drivers for continuing to drive while under the influence of liquor, saying 60-65 percent of all road fatalities, specially those over weekends, are as a result of alcohol abuse by drivers.
Liverpool Echo (UK) - Liverpool named one of country’s alcohol abuse capitals
LIVERPOOL was named one of the worst cities in the country for alcohol abuse for the third successive year. As thousands head out to bars and clubs to welcome in the New Year tonight, the ECHO can reveal more people were admitted to hospital because of alcohol here than anywhere else in the country – except for Manchester.
Indian Express (UK) - Middle-aged women consuming more alcohol than teen daughters
Middle-aged professional women are drinking more alcohol than their daughters, according to official figures.
Gizmodo Australia (Australia) - What Happens When You Get Alcohol Poisoning?
As regular Happy Hour readers know, there’s nothing we like more than finding new, innovative and fun approaches to drinking. But there’s a darker side that must be acknowledged. Specifically, you can poison yourself and die.
Huffington Post - The Effects Of Alcohol In The Body (INFOGRAPHIC)
Most of us know that drinking too much can lead to car accidents, addictions or worse. We know drinking a little can make us giggly or weepy, lose our balance or lose our lunch, feel ravenously hungry the morning after or want nothing more than to be still in a dark room until that terrible pounding subsides.
The Bay of Plenty Times (New Zealand) - Police plan hard line on alcohol
Police will be taking a hard line on alcohol at New Year celebrations tonight but they predict a relatively orderly night in contrast to the chaos they encountered more than a decade ago when riots broke out in Mount Maunganui.
Kyiv Post (Ukraine) - Regions Party MPs suggest ban on alcohol sale at night
Members of Parliament from the Regions Party faction Iryna Berezhna and Andriy Pinchuk suggest that the sale of beer, alcoholic beverages and low-alcohol drinks should be banned in Ukraine from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m. except for at restaurants and caf├ęs.
The Daily Telegraph (Australia) - Editorial: Governments cannot afford to ignore alcohol abuse
INEVITABLY it will be decried in some quarters as yet another example of the nanny state in full flow. Yet basic common sense dictates that if governments have a responsibility for the health of their citizens then alcohol abuse cannot be ignored. (USA) - Study: Alcohol Culture Taking Toll
Thomas Brennan was still unloading his bags at his first duty station when he saw the other Marines drinking on the catwalks.
RT (Russia) - Russians to drink 1.5bn liters of alcohol over New Year holidays
If all the bottles of alcohol drunk by Russians during the upcoming 10-day holidays were put on the equator, they’d wrap the globe 17 times. Defying stereotypes, statistics say vodka is no longer the nation’s favorite strong alcohol drink.
Kyiv Post (Russia) - Russian alcohol preferences not changing, vodka, beer still tops
Russians' preferences in alcoholic beverages are not changing, and vodka and beer are still top of the heap, as evidenced by Federal State Statistics Service (Rosstat) figures for January-November released on Saturday.
euronews (Poland) - Several die in Poland after drinking poisoned alcohol
A seventh person is believed to have died in Poland as a result of drinking contaminated alcohol.
Middle East Online (Tunisia) - Islamist-led Tunisia to raise alcohol duty
The Islamist-led ruling coalition in Tunisia raised alcohol duty on Wednesday in a bid to bolster state coffers despite criticism from rival Islamists that it was wrong to profit from an activity prohibited by the faith.
Futurity: Research News - Lasting impact from alcohol exposure in utero
Even low levels of prenatal alcohol exposure impact brain development and the effects persist into adulthood, new research suggests.
The Hindu (India) - Most accidents on New Year day are due to drunken driving, say police
R. Vinod Kumar (25), a cab driver and a resident of Murphy Town, was returning home from M.G. Road with his friend after ushering in the New Year last year. His motorcycle hit a car and Kumar sustained severe head injuries. He died on the way to hospital.
Scotsman (Scotland) - Minister in last-minute plea over alcohol pricing
The health secretary yesterday made a last-minute attempt to persuade health ministers in the European Union to back his plan for a minimum unit price for alcohol.
French Tribune (France) - Four-Fifth of the College Engaged in Alcohol Consumption
As reported by the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, alcohol drinking has become a very big problem among the college students.
Greek Reporter (Greece) - Alcohol Tax Hike Cuts Greek Sales
Just as increased taxes on restaurants and bars have driven down sales and revenues, a big hike in taxes on alcoholic drinks in Greece in a desperate bid to raise money has also backfired, sending tax revenues down and cutting consumption in half.
Courier Mail - Alcohol companies market to children on Facebook and internet
ALCOHOL companies are avoiding restrictions on marketing to children by using Facebook and the internet, with authorities investigating whether advertising codes need to be overhauled. (Russia) - Beer to become 'alcohol' in Russia on New Year's Day
Many Russians consider beer a soft drink – a light refresher that can be guzzled on the way to work or sucked down in great quantities before a picnic and a swim in the river.

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