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Alcohol News - 27/2012

The Nordic Page (Norway) - Government Takes Action against Passive Drinking
Every year, 1.5 million people in Norway are affected by others' alcohol consumption. In this frame, the government is concerned about the increasing damage of alcohol, the result of the increasing alcohol consumption.
USA TODAY - Alcohol-sensing technology could become standard in all cars
The long-term transportation funding bill just approved by Congress includes funds for researching alcohol-detection technology that could eventually be standard equipment in all new cars. (Canada) - Should alcohol flow freely across Canada?
A new federal law, Bill C-311, makes it legal to carry wine from one province to another, but it doesn't apply to beer, cider or spirits, and it doesn't supersede decades of complicated provincial law. (UK) - Alcohol ban for Commons staff – but not MPs
Clerks, librarians and other House of Commons employees will be barred from consuming alcohol during the day under planned new rules expected to take effect in the autumn.
DailyTech (France) - France to Require All Drivers to Carry Breathalyzers
It's hard to think of France without thinking about wine. As part of a French plan to curb drunk driving within the country, France has become the first country to require all drivers to carry handheld breathalyzers in all vehicles. The law extends to tourists as well. The law went into effect on July 1 and was approved in March of 2011. - Best Practices to Treat Alcoholism Reviewed
Canadian experts have published a comprehensive review of the most effective treatments for alcohol dependence. As in the U.S., alcohol dependence is one of the most prevalent addictions in Canada.
Independent Online - The truth about women and alcohol
Gone are the days when women might sip a sweet sherry at Christmas but leave the serious drinking to the menfolk. Twenty years ago, women drank on average five and a half units per week. It’s now closer to eight units, with a rising number, nearly a fifth of women, drinking more than the recommended maximum of 14 units a week. (USA) - Native Americans strive for health against alcohol, chaos and trauma
Pearl Scott lifts the baby from the crib and balances the child on her hip, just as someone did with her when she was a baby 20 years ago. (Canada) - Quebec targets risky drivers with law changes
The changes to the province's highway traffic act includes a "three strikes, you're out" provision, which forces drivers caught over the legal blood alcohol limit three times to install an ignition interlock device to prevent the car from starting if they are impaired. (UK) - Alcohol fuels rise in British arrests abroad
Between April 2011 and March 2012, there were 6015 arrests involving British nationals, compared to 5,700 in the previous year.
BBC News (Northern Ireland) - £7m Big Lottery funding to tackle alcohol abuse
The Big Lottery Fund is giving £7m in grants to help tackle alcohol abuse in Northern Ireland.
eGov monitor (Scotland) - UK Health: More Scots get help to cut drinking
Statistics released today by NHS National Services Scotland show that in 2011-12, 97,830 ‘Alcohol Brief Interventions’ (ABIs) were carried out – 60 per cent above the target of 61,081 interventions - and that every health board exceeded its target. This is a marked increase from 2010-11 when over 88,000 ABIs were delivered.
The Age (Australia) - Intervention laws linger as NT gets rules on alcohol
ELEMENTS of the federal intervention in the Northern Territory will continue for another 10 years, after Labor and the Coalition combined to pass the laws before Parliament rose for the long winter break.
Daily Mail (UK) - UK's teenage girls are biggest binge drinkers in Europe as more than half of 15-year-olds drink to excess at least once a month
Teenage girls in Britain are more likely to be binge drinkers than anywhere else in Europe, according to a devastating dossier on our nation’s problems with alcohol.
New Zealand Herald (New Zealand) - Raise alcohol buying age: poll
Raising the age at which people are allowed to buy alcohol has been given overwhelming support in a Herald DigiPoll survey.
The (Germany) - French breathalyzer law to hit German drivers
From Sunday German drivers crossing the border into France will have to carry their own breathalyzer kit or face a fine, as a new law comes into force designed to remind motorists of the dangers of drink driving.

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DEFINITION PASSIVE DRINKING (VERSION 11.3 summarized by Georges Domert ,France): alcohol is 50% to 60% of crime and offences & 20% of homicides (by studying alcohol-related crimes, there are e.g. sexual assault); add to this 10000 deaths/year rescences by passive drinking : affecting the faetus of pregnant women (defects), road accidents , domestic violence, child & abused adolescance (beaten, school problems...), the workmen & finally fights in nightclubs, bars - pubs, holiday outdoor municipal (alcohol is associated with in 50% of the fights in general);Follow visible depression syndrome in number of cases of victims of passive alcohol, with cases very serious affected by the moral harassment (threats to break the figure, death threats, mockery-humour character reprehensible & aggressive-, insults, forced alcoholism as a pretext to the unjustified sale of narcotics & cannabis, reprimendes at work, hazing etc. characterized by of debility , madness or squizophrenie).Many authors (cancer trials) show the links between depression and an increase in the frequency of cancers and early mortality (cancer by passive Lac.); thus proven mortality can also result in suicides.The alcoholic d├ęsocialise teetotal entourage, the terrorizing and bungling his happiness. "."Binge drinking exhausts the means of our hospitals, generating chaos in our streets and spreading fear in our communities, supported the Prime Minister David Cameron to the United Kingdom.Finally, we must specify the noise pollution remarkable competing pub Irish but just as possible in the simple neighbourhood of neighborhood or residential.Same for odours, sometimes some alcoholics feel the "ammonia"; not to mention the vomissents & some degradation - breaks due to States of drunkenness.On the beach: the residents sleep.Plantar morning bathers hemorrhage due to revellers (videos United-States_BLOGONS sur la plage) sometimes bulky waste.ALCOHOL KILLS (approximately 200.000.000 deaths preventable/century) & specific labels indicating the dangers should be affixed on each bottle.Finally alcohol should be banned in public places except special derogation, with obligation to protect people sober, tolerant of alcohol in confined & separated places.