Monday, June 11, 2012

Alcohol News - 24/2012 (Sweden) – Pot growing up, moonshine down in Sweden
Stockholm police said they have noticed a spike in the popularity of home-based marijuana farming while alcohol bootlegging has decreased.
The Foreigner (Norway) - Half of adults drink in front of children
50 percent of adults drink in front of children each day despite three out of four believing it wrong to do so, according to a survey.
NPR (Tunisia) - Once Tolerated, Alcohol Now Creates Rift In Tunisia
The other night we stopped at a Tunisian hotel, a clean and modest place with features that reminded me of an old Holiday Inn where my family stayed as a kid. At first it seemed the main difference was that, being in Tunisia, the hotel was next door to the ancient ruins of a magnificent Roman temple.
New York Daily News - Alcohol abuse could be a red flag for sexual confusion among college students
Alcohol abuse could be a red flag for sexual confusion among college students, suggests a new study correlating drinking problems with sexual orientation.
Fox News - Even moderate drinking may disrupt sleep
One drawback of moderate drinking could be that it keeps you up at night, a new study suggests. When college students in the study drank relatively low doses of alcohol, they got less sleep than they did on nights when they didn't drink at all, the researchers said.
TheHeart.Org - Alcohol may trigger AF episodes
Results of a new study suggest that patients with paroxysmal atrial fibrillation (PAF) should avoid consuming alcohol to reduce the risk of AF episodes, but the exact link between alcohol and arrhythmias is still poorly understood.
BusinessWeek (Russia) - Russia May Ban Alcohol Advertising on Internet, Vedomosti Says
Russia may prohibit the advertising of alcoholic drinks on the Internet, Vedomosti reported, citing Igor Rudensky, the chairman of a state duma committee. (Canada) - Defining alcohol abuse sparks debate
Removing alcohol abuse from psychiatry's diagnostic bible is drawing fire. Proposed changes for the DSM-5 include merging alcohol dependence and abuse categories into a single diagnosis: substance abuse disorder. (UK) - Health lobby wants alcohol sponsorship ban
A powerful alliance of health professionals wants a French-style ban on alcoholic drinks advertising on television and at sports events in the UK.
Science Daily - Statistical Model Attempting to Estimate Level of Alcohol Consumption That Is 'Optimal' for Health
Cutting the amount we drink to just over half a unit a day could save 4,600 lives a year in England, according to a modelling study by Oxford University researchers published in the journal BMJ Open.
The Copenhagen Post (Denmark) - FC Copenhagen and Carlsberg accused of promoting alcohol to kids
Alcohol watchdog Alkohol & Samfund is accusing FC Copenhagen, one of Danish professional sport's most visible teams, of promoting alcohol to children at schools and on the internet by organising a programme in which players visit schools in Greater Copenhagen to meet children, sign autographs and have their pictures taken with them. - Drinking alcohol linked to skin disorder
Regularly drinking alcohol, particularly in higher quantities, appears to increase the risk for developing psoriasis, the results of a Chinese study suggest.
ABC Online (Australia) - Health service cites widespread grog-related harm
The WA Country Health Service says the rates of hospitalisation for alcohol-related conditions are significantly higher in the Goldfields than in other parts of the state.

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