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Alcohol News - 32/2011

Medical News Today (Sweden) - One Measure Of Spirits Can Raise Acute Pancreatitis Risk By 52%
The Karolinska Institute in Sweden conducted a study, in which researchers followed 84,601 people aged between 46 to 84 years from the general population in Vastmanland and Uppsala  for an average of ten years, during which time 513 developed acute pancreatitis.
Huffington Post - Alcohol, Drugs To Ease Anxiety Could Spur Substance-Abuse Problems
Many people who experience chronic feelings of anxiety about social situations, work and relationships, or other aspects of everyday life often reach for a beer or a glass of wine to quell their unease.
Newsday (USA) - Army hiring more counselors for alcohol abuse
The army is increasing its staff of substance abuse counselors by about 30 percent to help the rising number of troops with alcohol problems.
AFP (USA) - More than half of Americans drink alcohol: report
More than half of Americans aged 12 and up drink alcohol, a quarter binge-drank in the past month, and one in 14 teens has used marijuana, a US  government agency says in a report on substance abuse.
Northern Advocate (New Zealand) - Zero alcohol law welcomed by SADD
The new zero-alcohol rule for young drivers is welcome for its clarity as well as life-saving potential, says a Whangarei student leader.
NY1 - New Study Highlights More Dangers Of "Alcopop" Consumption
The controversial, sweet, alcohol-laden soft drinks that have gained nicknames like "cheerleader beer" and "alcopops" are a favorite with minors, and a new study is once again putting dangers associated with these drinks in the spotlight. NY1's Health reporter Kafi Drexel filed the following report. (UK) - British breweries to sell weaker beer following low-alcohol content tax cut
Since March, when the Chancellor announced a 50 per cent duty reduction on beers of 2.8 per cent alcohol by volume or less, many breweries have begun experimenting with weaker beers in anticipation of a price-driven surge in popularity.
Times of India - People who work more drink more
People who work at least 50 hours a week are three times more likely to develop alcohol-related problems than those who didn't work as much, a New Zealand study has found.
New Era (Namibia) - Alcohol abuse up
Preliminary findings on alcohol and drug abuse reveal that alcohol abuse is on the rise in the north, with medium and high-risk drinking more widespread among young people than elderly people.
The Bay of Plenty Times (New Zealand) - Alcohol ban for under 20 drivers has strong support
Almost 200 young drivers have been caught drink-driving this year and alcohol was a contributing factor in the deaths of eight people who have died on Western Bay of Plenty roads.
The Age (Australia) - Drunken bashings up despite booze campaign
ALCOHOL-RELATED domestic violence, assaults and hospital admissions have risen sharply despite attempts to turn Victoria's binge drinking culture around.
London Free Press (Canada) - Ontarians OK with modern alcohol laws
Regardless, then as now Ontarians seem OK with having 20th century laws and attitudes when it comes to the sale of alcohol. Poll results this week found that 60% would welcome the idea of being able to pick up beer or wine at a corner store. In polls, 60% is a big number.
BusinessWeek (Russia) - Russia Vodka Crackdown Hits CEDC Outlook as Analysts Cut Targets
Russian president Dmitry Medvedev’s push to curb alcoholism and regulate liquor sales is hurting the outlook for the world’s biggest vodka producer.
EurekAlert - The effects of smoking and alcohol use on risk of upper aero-digestive cancers
Upper aero-digestive tract cancers (UADT), especially those of the oral cavity, pharynx, and larynx, are often referred to as alcohol-related cancers as it has been shown repeatedly that heavy drinkers, in particular, are at increased risk. The combination of heavy alcohol use and cigarette smoking is the key factor in increasing the risk of these cancers. (EU) - The project on strategies towards responsible alcohol consumption for adolescents in Europe reaches practical phase
The TAKE CARE ("Strategies towards responsible alcohol consumption for adolescents in Europe") project has reached the practical phase. First pilot trainings with adolescents took already place in the individual countries. The project counts with EU funds.
Czech Position (Czech Republic) - Czech booze makers dismiss EU drinking stats
The Czech Union of Distillers and Spirits Importers (UVDL) and also domestic wine makers and brewers say European Commission statistics according to which Czechs consume over 15 liters per capita of pure alcohol annually — making them Europe’s second-heaviest drinkers, after the Estonians — are flawed, with the true figure at around 9.9 liters per year.
Irish Central (Ireland) - Ireland’s DUI rate among highest in Europe, new study shows
Ireland has some of the highest rates DUI rates in Europe, a new study has shown. (UK) - Poor Diet and Drinking Places UK Women at High Risk of Cancer
A poor diet and drinking places 25 per cent of British women at risk of cancer. British women are more susceptible of developing cancer than anywhere else in Europe. (New Zealand) - Liquor Licences: Authorities ignore social harm
"I was woken at 3.50am with a man yelling that he'd been attacked with a meat cleaver. His friend has gone mad and he needed somewhere safe to stay. The man's face was bloody and swollen, and he smelled of tobacco and alcohol. He was soaked through to the skin by the rain" said Colin Bridle, Salvation Army Community Ministries Manager, as he picked up the pieces from yet another alcohol-fuelled incident in Tokoroa. (UK) - Government rejects alcohol policy concerns
The Department of Health (DH) has defended its approach to alcohol, after public health groups alleged that the drinks industry has an undue influence on government policy.

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