Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Alcohol News - 23/2011

PR Newswire (USA) - Public Health Experts Advise Against Further Privatization of Alcohol Sales
National public health experts are recommending against further privatization of retail alcohol sales based on evidence that privatization would increase excessive alcohol consumption and associated health and social problems, the Keystone Research Center reports in a new policy brief.
BBC News (Scotland) - Willie Rennie in minimum pricing u-turn
The new leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats has signalled a policy u-turn on the introduction of a minimum unit price for alcohol. - Young people 'should avoid alcohol until 24
People should avoid drinking until their mid-20s because alcohol consumption can hinder brain development, according to a leading scientist.
IcelandReview (Iceland) - Call for Stricter Laws on Alcohol and Tobacco
Minister of the Interior Ögmundur Jónasson submitted a bill in parliament yesterday evening on amendments to the law on alcohol with the purpose of making the ban on advertising alcoholic beverages clearer and more efficient.
The Telegraph (India) - Mumbai votes to increase alcohol age limit
Mumbai has voted to raise the age limit for buying spirits from 21 to 25 and beer 18 to 21, sparking concern from the drinks industry and fury among young people.
Medscape - Alcohol Dependence More Likely Among Mentally Ill
Adults with mental illness are 4 times more likely to develop a dependence on alcohol than adults without mental illness, according to a new report based on data from the 2009 National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH).
News and Views from Norway (Norway) - Alcohol often involved in rape cases
Norwegian police released a new statistical report on rape cases in the capital, and could tie many of them to both consumption of alcohol and a new, more liberal “sexual culture” that has confused the limits of what’s allowed and what’s not.
BBC News (UK) - Alcohol-related problems: Survey checks nurse training
Nottingham researchers have launched a national survey to find out if nurses need extra training to deal with patients who have drink problems.
BBC News (UK) - Stafford bishop accuses government over alcohol abuse
The Bishop of Stafford has criticised the government for "doing little" to prevent alcohol abuse. The Rt Rev Geoff Annas has described alcohol misuse as "one of the major sins of our time".
ERR News (Estonia) - Ministers Debate Alcohol Ads Ban
Coalition parties are at odds over a proposed all-out ban on the advertising of alcoholic beverages on television, radio and in outdoor media.
Morning Advertiser (Scotland) - Scottish Government clarifies under-21 law
The Scottish Government has dismissed reports that local authorities have been given the “green light” to prevent under- 21s from buying alcohol in the off-trade. (Canada) - Playing blood-alcohol roulette risky for any driver who drinks
Trying to determine how many drinks a person can consume and still get behind the wheel after New Brunswick passes a new law to toughen its stance against drunk drivers later this month is risky business because there are so many variables that can affect a blood alcohol reading, says a forensic toxicologist.
Chambersburg Public Opinion - Study shifts outlook on liquor consumption after privatization
A new report challenges earlier studies that claimed that privatizing liquor sales would not affect alcohol consumption. As Pennsylvania debates liquor privatization, a task force of national health experts recommended against further privatization of retail alcohol sales. (New Zealand) - Police stunned by drink driving results
Police are astounded a Bay of Plenty man, caught more than three and a half times the legal limit, was able to co-ordinate himself to drive.
ABC Online (Australia) - Aussies drinking less beer, more wine
Official statistics show the volume of beer consumed by Australians per capita has slipped to a 62-year low.
Business Wire (China) - Research and Markets: China Alcohol Market Report 2011
This report presents a clear picture about the overall development of alcohol market in China and the trend in recent years based on detailed data analysis. This report includes the analysis on the alcohol market size and market share in China, the study on major hot areas in this market, introduction of key data and the comparison of top 10 enterprises in terms of sales revenue and market share, the detailed description of the import and export.
Hurriyet Daily News (Turkey) - Turkish regulatory agency chief defends alcohol ordinance
A regulation partly overruled by the Council of State would have helped prevent the recent deaths of several Russian tour guides from consuming unlicensed alcohol, the president of Turkey’s alcohol regulatory agency has said.
Fleet News Online (EU) - Police begin week-long alcohol and drug operation on Europe’s roads
Police officers across more than 25 European countries, including the UK, today begin a seven-day crackdown on drink driving and drugged driving. The operation is co-ordinated by TISPOL, the European Traffic Police Network.

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