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Alcohol News - 3/2011

ERR News (Estonia) - Drunk Driving Seen Alarmingly Often Among Truck Drivers
More long-haul truckers are being found to be driving with alcohol in their system, some of them with levels punishable as criminal drunk driving.
The Medical News (Finland) - Amount of alcohol and pattern of consumption affect risk of cognitive impairment
The study, conducted at the University of Turku, University of Helsinki and National Institute for Health and Welfare in Finland based on subjects from the Finnish Twin Cohort, shows that midlife alcohol consumption is related to the risk of dementia assessed some 20 years later.
Innovations (Sweden) - Consumption Report 2010: Swedes' alcohol consumption is falling
Despite the fact that the Swedish Alcohol Retail Monopoly's sales are rising and statistics from Statistics Sweden indicate that we drink more and more alcohol, the trend is going in the opposite direction – Swedes' alcohol consumption is falling. This emerges from the Consumption Report 2010 (Konsumtionsrapporten 2010) published by the Centre for Consumer Science at the University of Gothenburg.
AHN All Headline News - Study: Energy drinks don't lessen effects of alcohol
A new study finds that mixing Red Bull with alcoholic beverages such as vodka have no effect on enhancing performance on a driving test or improving sustained attention or reaction times.
The Media Line (Yemen) - Yemen’s hidden alcohol problem
It’s nine o’clock at night on a busy road on the outskirts of Sana’a and a man is waiting in the shadows. Samir, a 22-year-old university student, has been cruising in his car with his mates and has been engaged in a constant mobile phone negotiation with this man until finally, a location for the deal is made.
Since decades of motorized law enforcement have done little to limit the aftermath of driving under the influence of alcohol (according to a World Health Organization (WHO) statistic, half a million people are killed each year in crashes caused by drunk driving), automotive suppliers have been trying for the past ten years or so, with various degrees of success, to develop an on-board anti-alcohol cop. (Romania) - Alcohol blamed for bird deaths in Romania
Dozens of dead starlings found in a Romanian city were not victims of avian flu, as first feared, but were the victims of alcohol poisoning, officials said.
Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (Kenya) - Nacada says law on alcohol still in force
National Campaign Against Drug Abuse -Nacada- says the law on alcohol is still in force irrespective of a court order suspending its implementation. - Past alcohol consumption detected by new tests using hair and fingernails
Two new tests have been developed, and launched by the United States Drug Testing Laboratories (USDTL) on January 7, 2011 that monitor long-term alcohol exposure using hair, and fingernail samples.
Wall Street Journal (Turkey) - Alcohol Hits Nerve In Turkey
In the running debate over whether Turkey's government is chipping away at the foundations of one of the region's few secular democracies, a new front has opened: alcohol.
Nursing Times (UK) - 'Alcohol misuse is the most daunting of public health challenges'
Joint chief executive at the Centre for Mental Health Sean Duggan examines the challenge ahead for the NHS in tackling alcohol misuse. (New Zealand) - Sports can be 'bigger than booze'
Boozy post-match celebrations and liquor-sponsored sports events are set to cause a stir next month. New Zealand is leading the world in researching and discussing the complicated relationship between sports and alcohol.
Metro Canada (Canada) - City could open tap on alcohol ad revenue for ETS
Advertisements for beer, vodka and other alcoholic beverages could be seen on Edmonton Transit vehicles, benches and bus shelters sometime this year.
BBC News (Sri Lanka) - Sri Lanka alcohol healthcare restrictions criticised
A union representing doctors in Sri Lanka has protested against government plans to stop free healthcare for those addicted to alcohol.
Victoria Advocate (USA) - National Birth Defects Prevention Month
January is National Birth Defects Prevention Month. How does that relate to nutrition and diet? Some birth defects aren't preventable, but others may be. Diabetes during pregnancy can cause some serious birth defects and even fetal death if not well controlled during pregnancy.
The Guardian (UK) - The price of super-strength lagers should reflect their alcohol content
Heavily discounted super-strength lagers target the most vulnerable people in society, writes David Nutt. Setting minimum prices per unit of alcohol would save thousands of lives. - Class drinking patterns, cirrhosis linked
Death from liver cirrhosis may be linked more to drinking patterns than to social class, researchers in Scotland suggest. (New Zealand) - Alcohol level 'astronomical'
A 20-year-old and his pillion passenger caught riding a motorcycle without helmets might as well have hoisted a flag saying "come and get me", the judge said during sentencing in the New Plymouth District Court yesterday.
autoevolution - New Alcohol Detection Tech in the Works

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