Monday, April 26, 2010

Alcohol News - 17/2010 (EU) - Alcohol consumption remains steady in Europe
Alcohol consumption in Europe, considered the highest in the world, has not dropped in recent years: three out of four Europeans drink up to three times a week and one in ten has five or more drinks at a time.

USA Today - Study: Drinking, R-rated films linked in middle-schoolers
Middle-schoolers who are forbidden to watch R-rated movies are less likely to start drinking than peers whose parents are more lenient about such films, new research on 2,406 children shows.

ABC News (USA) - MillerCoors Spent $520K Lobbying Gov't in 1Q
MillerCoors LLC spent $520,000 in the first quarter to lobby the government on advertising, alcohol and drug abuse and other matters, according to a recent disclosure report.

CNN - Let teens drink? Parents wrestle with the question
Martha was tough on her children when it came to alcohol in their early teens.

Scottish Daily Record (Scotland) - Cash boost for Scots health boards in battle against booze
HEALTH boards across Scotland are to share £36 million to help tackle the country's drink problem, Health Secretary Nicola Sturgeon has confirmed.

HealthNews - High Levels of Alcohol Consumption Increase Cancer Risk
While the occasional social drink or glass of wine at dinner may make little difference in aging or overall health, increased consumption of alcohol can lead to both premature aging and cancer.

7thSpace Interactive (EU) - A European study on alcohol and drug use among young drivers: the TEND by Night study design and methodology
Young individuals are the age group with the highest risk of car accidents. One of main explanations relies on the use of psychoactive substances (alcohol, illegal and medicinal drugs), which are known to be major risk factors of road accidents, and whose consumption is almost universally more common among younger drivers.

Daily Monitor (Uganda) - When African brewers ferment death
Since last month, contaminated alcohol has killed 89 Ugandans in Kabale and Kamwenge districts and left over 100 hospitalised. A fortnight ago, a lethal brew killed nine Kenyans in the Shauri Moyo section of Nairobi.

Los Angeles Times (Afganistan) - Afghan enforcement of liquor ban rankles foreigners
Some wonder what has sparked raids to enforce a ban on alcohol, a ban from which foreigners and the restaurants they frequent had enjoyed a de facto exemption.,0,2160470.story

New Zealand Herald (New Zealand) - Study confirms community booze concerns
Alcohol Healthwatch is pleased with the results of a study confirming the link between the level of alcohol-related harm and the number of liquor outlets in a community. - Study finds high rates of at-risk drinking among elderly adults
A new study by researchers at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA has found that more than a third of drinkers 60 years old and older consume amounts of alcohol that are excessive or that are potentially harmful in combination with certain diseases they may have or medications they may be taking.

TopNews United Kingdom (Scotland) - Minimum Alcohol Price Plan To Be Reconsidered
The proposal of the Scottish Government to introduce Minimum alcohol price plan, has faced a fresh set of oppositions. (New Zealand) - Higher excise tax on alcohol urged
The Government will be urged to raise the excise tax on alcohol in a major report on liquor law reform.

Botswana Press Agency (Botswana) - Govt acts to regulate home brews
Home brewed alcohol has, for a longtime, been left unregulated and many people continue to partake of it without having to be subjected to any regulations.

BusinessWeek - Tanning Addicts Drink More Alcohol, Smoke More Pot, Study Finds
About one-third of college students who tried indoor tanning facilities were addicted to the artificial rays, and the addicts drank more alcohol and smoked more marijuana than other students, researchers found.

Wall Street Journal (EU) - Who Are Europe’s Biggest Binge Drinkers?
Who are the biggest binge drinkers in Europe? This is one competition that the British assume they would win. Not so, according to a new survey. The continent’s top binge drinkers are the Irish, Romanians, Germans and Austrians, says Eurobarometer, the European Union’s official public polling agency.

The Hindu - Alcohol consumption makes allergies worse
You may want to lay off alcohol for a while. Studies have found that alcohol can cause or worsen the common symptoms of asthma and hay fever, like sneezing, itching, headaches and coughing.

Substance Abuse Treatment, Prevention, and Policy - An exploratory study of the relationship between parental attitudes and behaviour and young people's consumption of alcohol
Parental monitoring and family closeness were positively correlated with one another and were both associated with significantly lower levels of drinking behaviours. Family violence and conflict, more liberal parental attitudes towards substance use and towards alcohol and petty crime, and family history of substance misuse were positively correlated with one another and with higher levels of drinking behaviours.

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